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Airstream travel trailers have been an iconic piece of the RV industry since the company's inception in the late 1920s. Airstreams have come a long way since the company's founder…

Airstream travel trailers have been an iconic piece of the RV industry since the company’s inception in the late 1920s. Airstreams have come a long way since the company’s founder Wally Byam took his first RV adventure, but many vintage Airstream travel trailers are still on the roads today. The following are a few of those adventurers who live (or have lived) the Airstream lifestyle to the fullest.

The Original Airstreamer

Wally Byam, the founder of Airstream travel trailers, is the original vintage Airstreamer. He organized numerous Airstream caravans throughout his camping years, including a trip from Cape Town to Cairo in 1959, before paved roads existed. Other caravans organized by Byam traveled throughout Europe, the United States and Mexico.

Laura Domela and Kevin Morris

Laura Domela embarked on her first Airstream adventure in the 1970s at the age of 5. Her husband Kevin began his camper adventures around the same time, when his school teacher parents took him camping during summer vacation. The couple now travels in their Airstream camper throughout the country with Portland as their home base. They’ve traveled thought the American west and clear across the country to the Florida Keys. They document their journeys and Airstream lifestyle on their popular blog, Riveted.

Jim and Linda’s Globetrotter

Jim and Linda are Airstream bloggers who have two vintage campers from 1967 and 1956. Interested readers can log onto their website to view photos of their most recent purchase, a 1967 Airstream Globetrotter. If you’re interested in a vintage Airstream camper but want to get a better feel of what the inside has to offer, their quality photos prove that a vintage camper can be just as comfortable and convenient as a brand-new one.

Start Your Airstream Lifestyle

Once travelers purchase an Airstream, they never turn back. Vintage Airstreams aren’t easy to find, but the Airstream company has manufactured brand-new models that still retain the vintage feel. The Airstream Store at Lazydays Tucson is the No. 1 place to purchase a brand-new Airstream travel trailer or touring coach. Come tour one of these new and innovative RVs, and you’ll see how the Airstream company creates RVs with the perfect combination of old and new.

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