By Lazydays

So, you’ve decided to join the fun with the RV lifestyle, but you’ve got some questions about a few things.

Where should I go next? What should I bring? How do I maintain my RV? Fear not, there are plenty of people in similar situations. The RV lifestyle is fun, exciting and accessible for everyone. However, there are a few things you should know before you take off on your first RV adventure.

Traveling in an RV, no matter the size, is much more pleasant than in a car or by plane. Although when it comes to maintenance, it’s really not much different than what you need to care for with your home and car. Having helped RVers get the most out of the RV lifestyle for more than 40 years, we know a few things about starting your RV journey. From things you need (and don’t) to easy maintenance tricks, here are our top 10 tips for new RVers!

Take Care of Your RV Shopping Before and After Your First Trip

Right after you purchase your RV is a great time to knock out most of your shopping at Lazydays RV Accessories & More. Our expert sales staff can help you find everything you’ll need to make the most out of the RV lifestyle. Once you go on your first RV trip, you’ll also learn if there is anything else you need or would like to help make your next trip even better. While on your first trip, you may decide that your corn hole set is totally worth it or that you would love to cook more meals outside. Whatever you decide, the Lazydays RV Accessories & More store is your one-stop-shop for RVers to get the most out of the RV lifestyle!

If You’re Becoming a Full-Time RVer, Don’t Sell Your Car Just Yet

The transition to a full-time RV lifestyle is an exciting time in many RVers’ lives. Whether you were already a part-time RVer or you decided to go all in, full-time RVing is an incredibly rewarding lifestyle. The transition to the full-time RV lifestyle does take some time and planning. As part of their transition plan, many RVers choose to store or sell things they no longer need, chief among those their house and other large possessions.

Class A Motorhome owners may choose to sell their car, but this is a decision that should be carefully thought out. Having an extra vehicle may be much more beneficial than not having one. Making a run to the grocery store, going out to eat and other short excursions can be much easier in a car than a large motorhome. If you’re nervous about towing your car during your RV travels, check out our RV towing guide that features tips, trips, and accessories to help you out on the road!

Technology Is Your Friend

Smartphones, portable GPS devices, compact solar charging units and other technologies have made RVing safer and accessible to more people than ever before. If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, don’t hesitate to let technology be your friend. Worried your phone isn’t enough to get you where you want to go? Install a GPS unit in your RV’s dashboard that combines navigation, music and other systems into one, easy-to-use device. Concerned your generator won’t last through a boondocking trip? Install solar panels on your RV’s roof to help take some of the resource load off the generator. Learn more about some of our favorite smartphone apps that are perfect for RVers.

Take a Few Small Trips Before Your First Big RV Vacation

After purchasing your first RV, you may want to take that two-week road trip across the country that you’ve been dreaming about for years. You should take that trip, but not before taking a few short RV trips beforehand. One of the many reasons why an RV trip is our favorite kind of vacation is that it’s travel on your terms. From your itinerary to what you eat for dinner, RVers can tailor their vacation to exactly what they want. That does mean an RV trip takes a good amount of work to put together. Preparing your RV, planning, buying supplies and other activities take time, so it’s best to get the hang of that cycle on a smaller scale before tackling a long road trip. If you’re curious about RV destinations, planning tips and more, Lazydays RV has the RV trip planning resources you need.

Put a Maintenance Schedule Together and Stick to It

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your RV in top shape. Treat your RV right and it will do the same. Besides annual maintenance like roof AC service, battery check-ups and generator service, RVers should perform a monthly check-up on their RV. The easiest and most-efficient way to do so is to put together a checklist and follow it every time you inspect your RV. A few basic inspection items should include checking the water levels in your batteries, running the generator and quickly cleaning the inside. Learn more about our 10 monthly maintenance tips for RVers and RV service packages. If you have any questions, please contact us or schedule a service appointment today!

Properly Store Your RV If You Aren’t Using It

Storing your RV during your off-season is vital to maintaining its longevity. Typically, the winter is considered the off-season for many RVers who live in the colder parts of the US. At a minimum, all RVers should place a cover over their RV when it isn’t in use. If you live somewhere where the weather can get nasty during the winter, we highly recommend storing your RV in a covered location. A purpose-built RV garage, shed or overhang are all great ways (along with a cover) to keep your RV safe during winter. Make sure to winterize your RV beforehand to prevent damage to the water and plumbing systems.

For more RV tips, tricks and more, stay tuned to the Lazydays RV blog!