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Skip the crowded restaurant this Valentine’s Day and hit the road for a memorable Valentine’s Day getaway

Skip the crowded restaurant this Valentine’s Day and hit the road for a memorable Valentine’s Day getaway. At Lazydays RV, we know that your motorhome is the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend, whether you’re driving a Class A diesel motorhome or a pop-up camper. No matter the RV, there are beautiful sights, secluded destinations, and romantic getaways across the country that are great for an RVing Valentine’s Day adventure.

RVing Valentine’s Day Getaways

RV resorts are a popular spot for families looking to get away from it all, and they’re also a great spot for your romantic getaway. Our Florida RV resort in Tampa is located near some of the state’s biggest attractions, making it the perfect home base for your sunny weekend getaway. This is also a great choice if you’re bringing the whole family along for a Valentine’s Day getaway, with tons of family-friendly activities for the kids.

For couples taking their RV out this holiday, national parks are another great choice. They give you the opportunity to see incredible sights, spend one-on-one time hiking with your partner, and enjoy a secluded camping setup in most locations. There are beautiful parks in Utah that are ideal for RVing along with Florida State Parks best seen with your RV.

If you’re looking for more of a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway destination adventure, consider hitting up warm-weather cities in southern states. Many cities, such as St. Augustine, Houston, and Phoenix boast world-class spas that are perfect for a relaxing Valentine’s Day weekend. Other cities bring a unique culture, such as New Orleans and Savannah, that is great for exploring over Valentine’s Day weekend.

Socially Distant Valentine’s Day Plans

If you’re looking for a socially distant Valentine’s Day weekend, consider boondocking in your RV. This is a great way to explore some of nature’s best sights without encountering other travelers. This kind of unplugged RV getaway is a great way to spend time with your special someone without the distractions of everyday life. If you’re dry camping in a well-equipped motorhome, you can enjoy homecooked meals or even cook food around the campfire. You may also catch a shooting star while stargazing!

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