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Check out the Lazydays RV packing list with bonus tips for how to pack an RV refrigerator and more.

You’ve got the itinerary planned, the kids are ready to go, and you’re all fueled up. But, is your RV ready to hit the road? You don’t want to forget the sunscreen, games for the family, or other RVing essentials! This is why it’s crucial to have your RV packing list so you’re sure you have everything you need in your home on wheels. Whether you’re enjoying one of our long-haul road trip ideas or you’re taking a quick weekend getaway, these RV packing tips and tricks are sure to help you stay prepared for wherever the road takes you.

RV Packing List Examples

Every journey is different, but there are some essentials you can keep in your RV to ensure you’re getting the most out of your trip. Here’s an RV road trip packing list example that can help you get started. Feel free to print out these lists and check off the column on the right once you’ve included the items in your RV.

Essential RV Items to Pack


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Duct Tape


Fire Extinguisher

Extra Fluids

Tire Pressure Gauge

Roadside Emergency Kit

Sewing Kit

First Aid Kit

Extra Batteries

Surge Protector

Family Items for Your RV Packing List


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Clothing & Pajamas for Everyone Onboard

Laundry Supplies

Quarters for a Laundromat (If Needed)

Warm or Cold Weather Clothes

Comfortable Shoes

Board Games

Tablets, Gaming Systems, & Electronics

Chargers for All Electronics

Rain Gear

Any Medicine or Prescriptions

The Kid’s Favorite Stuffed Animals

Bug Spray


Shampoo & Body Wash


Toothpaste, Floss, & Toothbrushes


Shaving Cream & Razors

Lotion & Anti-Itch Cream

These are some RV packing list essentials that should be packed for any road trip. Your family’s interests and unique camping plans will call for different supplies to be included, but there are some standards that should always be part of your RV packing list. Safety items such as a first aid kit, flashlights, and sunscreen should always be included no matter where your adventures take you.

How to Build Your RV Camping Packing List

Building your very first RV camping packing list can be exciting, especially if you’re new to the world of camping. Packing your RV up can be just as fun as the journey itself! Whether you’re hitting the road in a Class A diesel motorhome or pulling a pop-up camper, a little planning can go a long way when it comes to your preparedness in packing.

Here are some tips for building your very first RV camping packing list:

  • Make sure to pack essentials including safety supplies.
  • Consider what your trip will include, will you need special shoes for that hike you’re taking on Tuesday? What about a canoe? Thinking of the supplies you’ll need for your activities can help you build a robust packing list.
  • Ask the kids what they’d like to bring along (within reason) for their adventure. Maybe they want their favorite stuffed animal to see The Rockies, or maybe they want to take their gaming system for those long driving days.
  • If you’re towing a toy hauler, make sure all of your equipment has the tie-downs, fuel, or other supplies needed to enjoy the outdoors once you reach your destination.
  • Bring some supplies for the unexpected, like a smores kit to enjoy at the RV resort!

Building your RV packing list is a unique vacation planning experience because it overlaps both packing for a vacation and preparing your home for guests. You want to be sure that your RV has all the essentials of home you might want on your journey, plus those supplies perfect for adventuring. We suggest taking the time to print out packing list examples and to write your own lists down to ensure you’ve got everything you need. If you forget an item, don’t panic! You can likely stop somewhere on the road to pick up the shampoo you forgot to pack or a cup of sugar for that cake you’ll bake.

Packing an RV Kitchen

Packing your RV’s kitchen for a getaway is a lot like loading up your own kitchen with groceries, though there are some extra things to keep in mind. Some RVs and campers have smaller kitchen setups, so a little planning is crucial to help ensure you’re making the most of the space available.

For an RV kitchen packing list, we suggest starting with a little creativity. Planning your RVing menu for the week can be a fun way to set out your grocery list so you know what to buy. Dishes that use similar items will help make the most of your RV kitchen space. If your RV refrigerator is not residential size, you may want to avoid buying a whole turkey to fry at the campground. But, items smaller in size like hot dogs are an awesome family meal that’s perfect for campsite grilling.

Your RV kitchen packing list should include the groceries you’ll need to cook on the road, plus the cooking utensils, pots, pans, and dishes you’ll need to get the meal together. If you’re working in a smaller space, choose kitchen supplies that are multitaskers, like a cast iron pan you can use in the oven, on the stove, and even on a campfire.

How to Pack an RV Refrigerator

No matter the size of your RV refrigerator, packing all the groceries you need for your adventure requires a bit of planning to maximize your space. To pack your RV refrigerator, start with stackable clear storage containers so you can use all the available space. Keep similar items together, and place heavier items on the bottom shelves. If you are storing raw meat in your RV refrigerator, consider placing the package on a cookie sheet or in a meat box so any juices don’t move onto your other groceries.

We also suggest making great use of your RV refrigerator door. This is the perfect spot for smaller items like sauces, drinks, and jars! Make sure not to load too many heavy items on the door and distribute the weight of the items properly.

Checking Your RV Takeoff List

You’ve made it! The RV is packed and ready to go, but wait! Preparedness goes a long way when hitting the open road, so there’s one more list to go. Your RV takeoff list is a great way to make sure you have everything you need before embarking on your trip. Also known as an RV departure checklist, the takeoff list is great to keep in mind whether you’re leaving your home or leaving the RV campground.

RV Takeoff Checklist Example


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Turn Off Water Heater & Pump

Turn Off Furnace, A/C, or Heat

Turn Off Propane

Close Roof Vents

Close & Lock Windows

Close & Secure Slides

Retract Awning(s)

Close & Secure Exterior Features

Check Tire Pressure & Fluid Levels

Dump Holding Tanks

Retract Antenna(s)

Secure Any Loose Items

Check All Safety Pins

Make Sure Snacks Are Accessible

Ok, so snacks may not be a required RV takeoff checklist item, but they make any long-haul drive that much better. And as always, keeping your RV in shape with regular RV maintenance can help keep things moving smoothly. Now that you’re all packed and ready to go, check out our RV lifestyle blog for more tips and tricks!