By Lazydays

Learn what to look for in your RV dealership so you're sure to have a great RVing experience!

Buying an RV is a big decision to make, and you want to be sure you’re shopping with a reputable RV dealer. After all, your RV is a big investment that can help your family enjoy one adventure after the next, it may be your retirement plan, or you may be moving into an RV full-time.

Whatever your reasons for buying an RV may be, we’re happy you’re here, and we want you to feel confident in your RV buying decisions. We’re sharing top qualities to seek when you’re looking to purchase from an RV dealership, along with RV dealership red flags, and expert tips for buying an RV. Ready to start shopping? Start here!

Tips for Buying an RV - Choosing a Dealership

If this is your first foray into the world of RVing, welcome! You may be looking for an RV dealer but you’re not sure where to start, there are several qualities you should keep in mind for when choosing an RV dealership:

  • Paperwork. Does the dealership offer comprehensive paperwork about their new or used RV for sale? They should be forthcoming with the vehicle’s information, such as any previous repairs if it’s a used coach.
  • Customer Service. Does the RV salesperson hear you out and help you find the right RV for your needs, or do they seem focused on showing you motorhomes that are not your best fit? A good dealership will prioritize customer service at every stage of your RV buying experience, including helping with any questions or needs long after you’ve gotten the keys to your RV.
  • The RV drop off. What’s the dealership’s drop off procedure? At our Lazydays RV locations, we offer detailed drop off services in which our experts can help verify that all components of the RV are to your satisfaction before leaving. If anything is amiss, we’ll work to quickly get things in order for you.
  • Expertise. When you’re new to the world of RVing, you won’t be an expert, and that’s okay! It’s your RV dealership’s job to guide you through the exciting process of picking and buying an RV. Additionally, if they offer services for RV repairs and RV maintenance, you should be able to rest easy knowing that there are experts working on your coach and you won’t have to worry.

These are some top qualities to keep a lookout for when picking an RV dealership. If you’re on the lot or speaking to an RV expert at the dealership, you should feel confident that you’re being heard and understood. After all, the incredible purchase of an RV is for you to enjoy!

Avoiding RV Dealership Red Flags

There’s a lot of discussion in the world of camping and RVing about dealership red flags. There may be dealers who promise one type of vehicle but have a totally different RV on the lot when you get there. Others who are offering repairs may have some repair technicians who are not dedicated to their customers on staff, resulting in subpar repairs or repeat RV problems.

A common RV dealership red flag is things being too good to be true. They may offer what appears to be a new RV but later on it becomes clear that the RV is actually used. Or they may be deceptive with their repair processes and prices, resulting in far too many headaches for RVers and campers.

Many car owners are familiar with lemons, a car that’s rifled with a lot of defects that make it impossible to safely and affordably operate it. Unfortunately, some vehicles in the wide world of camping may be lemons and if your RV dealer does not properly inspect all used RVs and motorhomes they sell, there is a risk associated with it. Luckily, reputable RV dealers thoroughly vet all new and used RVs to ensure that the coach’s new owner can enjoy plenty of adventures in their new purchase.

If you would like to learn more about how to rest easy in your RV buying experience, we invite you to contact our team at Lazydays. We are here to help you choose the RV of your dreams and we offer customer-focused services that bring true peace of mind when shopping for RVs.