By Lazydays

Take a drive to these fishing spots that are perfect for your next RV adventure.

RVing can bring you to incredible destinations wherever the open road takes you. There are many things to do when you’re RVing, and fishing is often at the top of the list for happy campers. After all, it’s a great way to enjoy an unplugged vacation and spend some quality time with the family or just with nature. If you’re ready to drive out to truly memorable fishing spots, we invite you to explore some of the best fishing spots and cities in the country.

How to Find Fishing Spots

Having a great day on the water starts with knowing how to pick a good spot for casting your line. A good fishing spot will vary by the water type, but generally, it’s an area where fish gather in the water. Fish often look for covered areas with plenty of food, so finding these spots will help improve your fishing game.

For saltwater like the ocean, a good fishing spot is usually an area where depth or tidal changes are present. If you see a lot of birds gathering above a spot in the water, there’s likely fish there.

In freshwater streams and rivers, a good fishing spot is often wherever the current is slower. This may be near rocks that break the current, bends, or other features that slow the water down. This is where you’ll likely find some great fishing opportunities.

When it comes to fishing in ponds and lakes, look for areas where there is a natural cover for fish. This might be a tree that’s fallen into the water or rocks. Sharp drop-offs in the water depth, such as where the body of water deepens, are also a great spot for fishing.

The Best Fishing Spots in America

Ready to get fishing? Load up the RV and hit the road to explore the best fishing destinations in the country! These cities offer a variety of fishing destinations and multiple opportunities for great fishing. Our favorite fishing spots in America include:

  • The Florida Keys. In The Keys, any season is fishing season. You can catch a wide array of fish in The Keys such as tarpon, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, and billfish.
  • Martha’s Vineyard. This Massachusetts destination is famous for its fishing. Try your hand at fly fishing or boat fishing. There are multiple fishing seasons that offer tons of options. You can catch striped bass, bluefish, sea bass, fluke, and bonito.
  • Lake St. Clair. People from all around the world visit Lake Saint Clair for its incredible fishing. Catches include walleye perch, yellow perch, pike, gill, and rainbow trout.
  • Lake Shelbyville. This Illinois lake is famous for its angler fishing. Visitors can catch many types of species such as walleye, catfish, bluegill, white bass, and largemouth bass.
  • The Chesapeake Bay. This Maryland estuary is the largest in the country, producing unique waters that offer incredible fishing opportunities. Catches include the famous striped bass, red drum, spotted seatrout, summer flounder, and white perch.

Which States Have the Best Fishing?

We may be a little biased, but we’re sure that Florida is a state with some of the best fishing that you can find in the country. Year-round warm temperatures and the state’s peninsula shape make for an incredible variety of fish to be caught any time of the year. There are ample opportunities for saltwater fishing throughout Florida, and many spots for freshwater fishing as well. Areas like The Everglades offer unique fishing opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish. Best yet, many top Florida fishing spots are nearby to our Tampa RV resort!

Bringing Fishing Supplies on the Road

Hitting the road for these fishing destinations? It’s easy to bring all of your gear when you’re RVing. In fact, many RVs can even hold the fishing equipment that you’ll need for your time on the water. Our Class C toy hauler motorhomes combine style and storage, giving you plenty of room. You may also choose a Class A Diesel motorhome, which can haul what you’ll need for your perfect fishing trip. Stop by your local Lazydays RV dealership to find the right RV for your fishing adventures!