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Enjoy the best sights in Sedona with these easy hikes!

Red rock formations such as buttes, hills, and canyons make Sedona, Arizona a hiker’s paradise. There’s no shortage of beautiful natural parks and trails all around the picturesque town. If you’re planning an unplugged vacation, Sedona is the perfect destination. Get ready to take in all of the area’s sights with easy hikes in Sedona that are great for all skill levels.

Best Hikes in Sedona for Beginners and Kids

While there are a variety of parks and trail types in the town of Sedona, many visitors are looking for easy hikes. Whether you’re an expert-level explorer or you’re hiking with kids, these easy trails in Sedona offer breathtaking views. While you’re RVing in Sedona, visit these trails for a worry-free hike that’s sure to be memorable. Some of our favorite easy hikes in Sedona, AZ include:

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross. While this is an actual functioning church and not technically a hike, it offers incredible views for all visitors. Parking is available on the hill leading up to the chapel, and there are handicapped parking spaces at the top of the hill next to the chapel, making this spot an easy one for folks of all ages. The chapel itself is built right into the red rocks, making for a breathtaking sight.
  • Fay Canyon Trail. This easy Sedona trail is great for the whole family. This out and back trail is 2.6 miles long and includes sights such as red rocks, waterfalls, and incredible Sedona scenery. As a relatively flat trail throughout, it’s a hike that visitors of all skill levels can enjoy.
  • Baldwin Trail. This loop trail in Sedona is a 2-mile hike that offers plenty to see. In addition to vegetation, the trail offers picturesque views of Sedona’s signature red rock formations throughout the hike.
  • Sugarloaf Loop Trail. This 1.9-mile loop trail offers various views of Sugarloaf Mountain and other features of Sedona. It’s also known for its wildlife sightings and easy-to-follow markings. This easy Sedona hike is one of its most popular trails, so be sure to get there early!
  • Slide Rock State Park Trails. Slide Rock State Park in northern Sedona is home to several hiking trails that are great for the whole family. It has two easy trails for visitors to enjoy. Its Pendley Homestead Trail is paved and level, offering sights of historic homes, farming equipment, and canyon walls. Its Clifftop Nature Trail is another option, offering scenic views of the swim area in Slide Rock. Both trails are 0.25 miles long.

These are some of the most popular easy hikes in Sedona, and there are plenty more to be seen throughout the area. Sedona, AZ is a short drive north of our Phoenix-Mesa RV dealership.

What is the Easiest Vortex to Get to In Sedona?

In addition to its beautiful natural sights, Sedona is also famous for its vortexes. These are areas where energy is purportedly present in the air, such as healing, empowering, or meditative energy. Whether or not you believe in the vortexes of Sedona, they are typically located at natural sights along your hike that can make for beautiful photo opportunities. The town contains multiple vortexes, with most located throughout its hiking trails.

One of the easiest vortexes to see in Sedona is the Airport Mesa Vortex. Located early on the Airport Mesa Trail, this vortex’s energy can be felt throughout the start of the trail. Though reaching the vortex itself requires a short but steep climb, those looking to stay lower to the ground may still feel the vortex’s energy around the summit without having to climb.

RVing to Hiking Destinations

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