By Lazydays

The deserts of the Southwest offer some of the most incredible scenery in the United States, making it a great location for a spring or early summer RV road trip.

Traveling through the desert in an RV offers unique challenges for new and experienced RVers alike. Getting your RV in top desert shape is a must for not only a comfortable and fun experience, but a safe one as well. Read through these helpful tips from Lazydays RV for how to prepare your RV for a road trip through the desert:

Check Your AC Unit, and Then Check it Again

Other than having a working engine and four wheels, there’s nothing more important than having a functioning AC unit during an RV road trip through the desert. RV air conditioner maintenance is something our RV service experts recommend all RVers have done at least once per year.

When planning any RV road trip, make sure to get all your maintenance done months in advance. If you’re doing RV air conditioner maintenance yourself, check out the above video for helpful tips on what to look for during your check. A working AC unit makes all the difference during long stretches on the road and hot days spent at an RV resort or boondocking in the desert.

Keep the Lights (and more) Running with a Working Generator

The southwest is home to dozens of great luxury RV resorts and incredible campsites that are a little more off the grid. If you choose to boondock in the desert, you want to make sure your generator is in the best possible condition.

Before heading out on your RV road trip, make sure to check that your generator’s oil and oil filters do not need to be changed. A quick look at your generator’s hour meter will indicate whether a change is needed. Check that you have plenty of coolant and bring a refill just in case. Before heading out, run your generator for about an hour and test a few appliances. This should be done every 3-4 weeks if your RV has been in storage. For more generator maintenance tips, watch the above video.

Stay Cool in the Shade with a Functioning Awning

After a long day on the road, hiking, mountain biking or doing any other activity, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the shade under your RV’s awning. That’s assuming it’s working. Performing a quick maintenance check on your awning can ensure you will have plenty of shade to comfortably enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.

RV awning maintenance is easy and involves two steps. First, test your awning to make sure it fully extends. Second, if you haven’t done so in a while, cleaning your awning by removing any debris, like sticks or leaves and wash it with soap and water. Check out the above video for more tips on RV awning maintenance.

In addition to making sure these critical elements of your RV are in working order, a few other prep tips to get ready for your RV road trip through the desert include:

  • Pack plenty of extra water.
  • Bring warm clothes: While it’s hot during the day, the desert can get very cold at night. Temperatures can dip well into the low 40s and even get close to freezing in some places!
  • Install solar panels: If you travel through or live in the desert, adding solar panels to your RV is a great way to replace your generator and save money on maintenance, oil, coolant and more. Lazydays RV has a great selection of solar panels, parts and accessories!

Visit our full library of RV service videos for more RV maintenance tips and tricks! If you’re heading through the desert this spring or summer, stop by Lazydays RV Tucson for any RV service needs or accessories.