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More and more, the traditional office space of cubicles, a communal water cooler and a couple of large conference rooms is becoming a thing of the past.

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US workers are working from home more than ever. For RVers, working from home is a bit different than the standard telecommuter. Where the typical home office may be at the kitchen table, RVers have the luxury of working in the middle of the forest or at an RV resort in the Arizona desert. With the beautiful scenery comes the challenge of maximizing office space in already tight conditions. Check out these tips and tricks for how to create the perfect RV office from Lazydays RV:

Go paperless

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It might sound odd to hear that paper can take up a ton of space. Over time paper documents add up quickly and soon turn into folders, which turn into the need for file storage, which then requires a file cabinet and so on. When designing your RV office, we recommend converting as many documents to a digital format as possible. Not only will you save paper and RV storage space, but important documents will also be easier to find when you need them.

Keep your technology small, if possible

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Another way to optimize space and make working from your RV as easy as possible is to go as small as possible when it comes to office technology. Having a laptop is a must, as you not only save space, but it also offers you the freedom to not be tied down to a single space in your RV. Tablets are also a great solution as many have comparable computing power to a laptop.

Get Creative

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One of the best things about working while RVing is that you can make anywhere your office. This opens up a range of possibilities for where you can set up your RV workspace. One particularly creative example of maximizing space is to install a desk under your flip out mattress with a small folding table. The passenger side captain’s chair makes for a very comfortable office chair, and the view can’t be beaten. If you’re RV has a rear storage compartment, throwing a desk in can create a nice open-air office.

Ditch the office altogether

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Workamping is another great way to work while RVing. It is an RV lifestyle trend where RVers travel around the country working seasonal jobs either for a wage or camping space to park their RV. Across the country, RV campgrounds and parks offer positions for RVers looking to work during their stay. Travel and hospitality positions are often seasonal, with hotels, national parks and others looking for employees on a consistent basis. Look at our blog post on workamping to see if it’s right for you.

Creating an RV office is a process that can be constantly evolving and makes working from an RV even more fun. For all kinds of accessories to improve your RV lifestyle, check out Lazydays RV’s Accessories and More!