By Lazydays

Summer marks the peak of the RV season and high temperatures in most parts of the United States.

One of the most common challenges RVers all over the country face during this time is staying cool in their RV. For most, the solution is to keep the roof AC running. However, this increases gas usage while on the road and can rack up generator hours, if you are not hooked up to power. Many RVers are unaware that there are plenty of ways to keep cool without running your roof air conditioner unit all the time.

Here are a few tips from the RV experts at Lazydays RV to beat the heat and stay cool in your RV during the summer.

When Using the AC, Help It Out

Before heading out on your next summer RV trip, make sure your RV’s roof AC unit is in tip-top shape. Well before your first trip of the summer, take your RV in for routine maintenance, including roof air conditioner service. Routine roof AC maintenance is recommended in 12-month intervals. Lazydays offers a roof air conditioner service, which includes washing inner coils, cleaning the drains, replacing gaskets and filters, as well as and visual inspection of the unit.

While on your RV trip, a few tips for ensuring maximum roof AC performance include:

  • Run your roof air conditioner before hot weather peaks to start cooling your RV.
  • Use a few small fans or your RV’s ceiling fan to help circulate cool air throughout your RV’s interior.
  • Close off any vents you aren’t using while running the roof AC.
  • Check your roof AC filters once per month and clean or replace them as needed.

Ways to Stay Cool Without The AC

If you want to use your RV’s roof AC unit as little as possible, there are a few ways to keep your RV cool and comfortable during the summer:

  • Park your RV with the windshield facing north to have your RV awning block out the morning sun and create a comfortable outdoor area later in the day.
  • ? Keep your RV as covered as possible during the day to insulate the inside and keep it cool. Lower your window shades or use insulators to reflect the sun.
  • ? Utilize insulators on your RV door windows since they do not typically come equipped with window shades.

Another great tip that many RVers are not aware of is to use LED lighting as much as possible. Compared to halogen and other incandescent bulb types, LED lights put out much less heat. Cooking appliances like your oven or stove can quickly warm your RV up, so cook your meals outside, use a slow cooker or go out to eat.

Contact Lazydays RV service department today to schedule your routine rooftop AC maintenance and visit Lazydays RV accessories and more to gear up for your next RV summer trip. Make sure to follow along on the Lazydays RV blog for more helpful RV tips, summer trip ideas and more!