Airstream Innovations in 2016

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Airstream is a leading manufacturer in the RV world, one that continues to set the bar in quality, value, and innovation. The oldest RV manufacturer in the industry, Airstreams have…

Airstream is a leading manufacturer in the RV world, one that continues to set the bar in quality, value, and innovation.

The oldest RV manufacturer in the industry, Airstreams have unmistakable aesthetics in an iconic streamlined look. Visually distinct, Airstreams offer some of the most innovative features available.

Fuel Efficiency and Low Tow Weight

That streamlined look isn’t just easy on the eye, but easy on your wallet as well. The low, rounded shape of an Airstream makes towing more stable. The aluminum material makes the load lighter. These design features lead to trailers that need minimal horsepower and fuel to tow, which means that almost any vehicle you own can handle an Airstream — no giant pickup truck required.

Designed to Cut Through the Wind

The conical shape of an Airstream is that way for a reason. Employing cutting edge aerodynamics, your Airstream may drag behind your vehicle, but it won’t drag you down. Designed using principles usually reserved for jet engines, an Airstream reduces wind resistance by 20% compared to other trailers on the market.

Built Durable, Built to Last

Airstreams don’t need to be traded in every few years for the latest model. With timeless looks that won’t ever go out of style and solid construction that won’t quit, an Airstream is a once in a lifetime investment. In 2006, 75 years after the company was founded, 65% of all Airstreams manufactured were still on the road.

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