By Lazydays

One thing RVers overlook all too often when it comes to RV maintenance is the roof.

RV roof maintenance is critical not only for your comfort and safety but also the overall value of your RV. Whether it’s general wear-and-tear, water damage, or an errant tree limb, your RV’s roof is a crucial component that requires regular maintenance. Check out these helpful tips and facts about RV roof maintenance from the RV service experts at Lazydays RV.

Watch Out for These

Your RV’s roof is subject to damage from all sorts of natural and unnatural elements. The most damaging element, no matter what type of roof you have, is water. If your RV roof sealant has any type of voids, you could begin to experience leaks that can damage the interior of your RV. It is recommended you check your RV rooftop and body sealant every 3 months for signs of deterioration or damage.

Snow and ice are also risk factors, as water expands when it freezes. If you’re taking your RV to a place where the temperature drops below freezing, water in cracks and other spaces can freeze and worsen existing damage.

Trees are also an RV roof’s worst enemy. Tree branches and limbs can easily puncture the rubber membrane on a roof. Make sure to check your RV’s roof anytime you come into contact with low-hanging branches or other objects.

Basic Care and Upkeep Tips

Maintaining your RV’s roof is a very important part of general RV upkeep. When cleaning or performing any inspection on your roof, make safety your top priority. If your RV does not have a ladder going up to the roof, it probably is not stable enough for you to walk on. If this is the case, we recommend a properly equipped RV service center perform the rooftop inspection.

Rubber RV roofs should be cleaned at least four times a year, while fiberglass and aluminum RV roofs can be cleaned twice a year.

Roof Repairs

For any type of RV roof damage, the service experts at Lazydays RV are here to help. We provide replacement and repair services for rubber and fiberglass RV roofs. Our rubber RV roof service includes luan sheeting replacement, new sealant application, and more. The RV experts at Lazydays RV can handle any damage done to fiberglass roofs that involves sanding, primer application and fiberglass replacement.

For more information on our RV roof repair services, feel free to visit one a Lazydays RV service locations or request a service appointment today. Check out our other RV maintenance videos for any other maintenance questions you may have.