The Best Campfire Recipes & Activities

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With Summer Solstice on the horizon, we have camping on the brain. In this blog, real Lazydays RV employees share their favorite campfire recipes and activities.

As Summer Solstice once again arrives, RV and camping enthusiasts all over the country are gearing up to enjoy warmer weather. This year, as you make your summer plans and brainstorm your own camping recipes and activities, we thought we’d share some of ours. We asked Lazydays RV employees what their favorite food ideas and activities are when camping and RVing. Their answers range from the classic campfire recipes and games, to some rather innovative ideas and traditions:

Kayla Mortensen, Sales Support Coordinator at Lazydays RV in Tucson, Arizona, likes to go with a classic and easy camping meal, hamburgers and hotdogs. After dinner, her family enjoys stoking a fire, listening to some tunes and roasting marshmallows.

Jeff Vonvai, an Airstream Specialist also located in Tucson, Arizona, opts for grilling steaks. In the evening, Jeff and his family enjoy sitting around a fire, making s’mores, and cuddling under the stars.

Raquel Black, Relationship Marketing Specialist at Lazydays RV in Tampa, Florida, continues the tradition of making a smoked pork picnic with her friends and family: “It’s our favorite because we can prepare it ahead of time and put it on the smoker when we get where we’re going. It feeds a lot. We usually travel with a few RVs in our group. We prepare the pork and [our] friends prepare sides. We eat together as a group, usually on the first night.” After feasting with friends, Raquel’s family often watches a movie in the evening while eating s’mores. She also brings along glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces and masks to keep the kids entertained once the sun goes down.

Jason Brunner, a Sales Associate in Tampa, Florida, sets a crockpot to slow-cook while he and his family drive to their destination. When they arrive, they have stew, soup or other delicious crockpot recipe ready to go with little preparation, which is a relief after a long drive. Once Jason gets the campfire going, they enjoy s’mores and singing goofy songs with the kids.

Traveling via RV allows you flexibility, whether you’re camping in a remote area or at a premier RV resort: you can bring along chilled drinks, a slow cooker or all the gear necessary for a barbeque. We hope these ideas from Lazydays RV employees inspired excitement for the camping season ahead. Don’t forget to book your summer stay at the Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa for poolside fun, RV events and more.

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