By Lazydays

With Lazydays RV, you can get the most out of your trade-in through our TradeSmart program. Read on to learn more about trade-ins from our service experts.

As the nation’s largest dealer of new and used RVs, Lazydays RV gets a lot of questions about how trading in your current RV works. We’ll address some commonly asked questions about the RV trade-in process, with the overall goal of maximizing your RV trade-in value.

How do I start the trade-in process?

Give us the basic info about your RV and your contact information here. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why trade?

Trading your current RV is a great way to upgrade to a new RV model or switch from one type of RV to another, such as from a trailer to a motorhome. Trading is also much easier than selling an RV by yourself and can save you a significant amount of money on your new RV.

What is my trade worth? [How do you determine the value of my trade-in?]

The Lazydays RV TradeSmart program determines the average value of your RV trade-in by referencing online guides and the maximum retail value of your RV. We’ll then evaluate the condition of your RV before offering you an exact figure.

What would I gain by trading my current diesel coach for a new one?

The answer depends on how old your diesel coach is. Class A motorhomes have seen major technological improvements with each new generation. A new diesel coach will likely have improved ride and handling, as well as a significantly shorter turning radius to aid you in navigating small campground spaces. A new warranty may be another hidden value when you trade in your RV. A warranty up to 50,000 miles can give you added peace of mind while traveling the country. Lastly, the purchase of a qualified diesel coach from our Tampa location will enroll you in our Crown Club program, which offers a wide variety of benefits.

Should I trade for another gas coach or upgrade to a diesel?

We recommend you base this decision on how you drive, travel and tow. If you tow a full-size SUV, truck or enclosed trailer, a diesel coach will be much more capable. If you travel for long distances and you’re not too concerned with towing, a gas coach with two, three or a full wall slide will offer the spacious interior of a diesel coach with a higher fuel economy. If you tend to move short distances and stop to explore along the way, a small gas or medium diesel RV might be the best option.

Will you honor the price you’ve quoted me without seeing my coach?

Yes, under almost all circumstances. Exceptions to this rule arise when there is an undisclosed issue with the coach, such as engine problems or water damage that the RV trader failed to mention.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Each Lazydays RV location has a dedicated team to guide you through the trade-in process, starting with check-in. We’ll bring you down to the delivery site, get you plugged in and begin inspection of the RV from there

Why did the “other dealer” offer me so much more for my trade?

At Lazydays RV we pride ourselves on complete honesty with our customers, and we aim to remain as competitive as possible with other dealers. We base the trade-in value of your RV on current national market prices, and our inspection team is thorough and fair when they evaluate the condition of your RV.

If you still have questions about trade-ins or anything else RV related, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales associates at 1-844-559-0558. You can also browse our inventory of new and pre-owned RVs to get an idea of what you could trade toward. We have a huge selection of motorhomes, travel trailers, camper trailers, toy haulers and other RVs for sale, and you can buy any of our RVs with trade in value.