By Lazydays

These RV living tips can help RV snowbirds start their big adventure.

Whether you’re a new snowbird or a seasoned winter traveler, these RV living tips for snowbirds can help you on your way to a warm and happy winter.

Get Your Papers in Order

Before you leave for your RV trip, you’ll want to make sure you have anything you might need for the winter. This includes everything from making sure your RV insurance is up-to-date to making sure your driver’s license isn’t set to expire while you’re away. Be sure to bring whatever medical records and prescriptions you might need, call your credit card company so they know to expect out-of-state purchases and set-up online notifications for any bills you might need to pay while you’re on the road.

Get Your House Ready

If your house will be unoccupied while you’re away, you’ll want to make sure to shut the water off, lock the doors, and have a trusted friend or neighbor check in on the house periodically, especially if there is a storm or other inclement weather. If someone isn’t taking care of your mail, you’ll also want to make sure to hold the mail or set up a forwarding address for wherever you’re headed. If possible, you may consider installing an alarm system for added protection while you’re away.

Do Your Research

Before you hit the road, you’ll want to make sure you have some sort of itinerary set so that you can let your loved ones know where you’ll be. Because many RV resorts and campgrounds offer discounted long-term stays, it’s important to do your research before making reservations. Lazydays RV Resort, for example, offers special rates for monthly reservations that last for four to six months. In addition to choosing campgrounds in locations you want to explore, you’ll want to keep in mind that every campground is different. Make sure they offer whatever you need in terms of privacy, social opportunities, amenities and more.

Have Your RV Serviced

Especially before long trips, it’s important to make sure that your RV is in good working order. Remember, routine maintenance from a trusted RV service center like Lazydays can prevent costly repairs down the road. You can also check out our RV service playlist for even more maintenance tips.

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