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Sleep easy with these RV mattress buying tips and tricks!

RVs are popular for families and campers who are looking for an upgraded sleeping experience while they’re on the road. At Lazydays RV, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of new and used RVs for sale, with options that can sleep the whole family. While many new RVs come with top-quality mattresses and sleeping solutions built-in, some campers are looking to pick a more personalized mattress. Additionally, if you’ve owned your RV for some time, you may be looking to upgrade the mattress as well.

If you’re in the market for a new RV mattress, we invite you to explore our RV mattress buying guide. We’re sharing details about RV mattresses, sizes, and what to look for when buying your RV mattress. Don’t sleep on choosing the right RV mattress, check out our RV mattress buying guide to get started.

Understanding RV Mattress Sizes

Before choosing your RV mattress, you need to understand the basics of RV mattress sizing. Traditional residential mattresses typically come in standard sizes such as king, queen, full, and twin. There are often variants in sizes such as the twin XL, but overall traditional mattresses follow specific sizing.

In RVs, things are a little different. RV brands and manufacturers may have variations in their mattress sizes and some RV sleeping arrangements may also use unique materials versus a traditional mattress. For example, some RVs use convertible sleeping areas that rely on existing cushions to create a sleeping space, or other spaces such as a cab-over bunk may have their own built-in material for sleeping.

Some standard RV mattress sizes include:

RV Bunk Bed Mattress28” X 75” through 35” by 79”
RV Full Bed Mattress53” x 75” through 55” x 75”
RV Three Quarter Mattress48” x 75”
RV Queen Mattress60” x 80”
RV Short King Mattress72” x 75”
RV King Mattress72” x 80”
There are additional RV mattress sizes and modifications to existing mattress types that generally make the mattress shorter or more narrow to fit within the RV. Most RV mattresses comfortably fit one sleeper, but some, such as queen or larger, can fit two people.

If you have a uniquely sized RV mattress, don’t worry! Many mattress brands now make these sizes and our RV accessories store is packed with RV bedding items like mattress toppers, sheets, pillows, and more.

What Size is an RV Queen Mattress?

The most standard RV mattress size is the queen size. In most cases, a queen RV mattress is the same size as a traditional residential queen mattress. Your RV queen mattress should be 60” x 80”, which is the same as a normal queen mattress. This is a popular RV mattress size because it’s easy to buy sheets for, and it’s easy to replace your RV queen mattress with a new one if you’re looking to do so.

Choosing RV Mattress Types

Just like residential mattresses, RV mattresses are available in a variety of materials and sleeping types. You can choose from firm, soft, innerspring, memory foam, or additional mattress materials when buying an RV mattress.

If you’re searching for a mattress size that’s aligned with residential mattress sizes, you will likely have the full variety of mattress type options available to you. Online mattress retailers are also offering an increased variety of mattress types for RV-specific sizes.

RV mattress types include:

  • Foam, which is common in many RVs. Foam can vary in thickness and it easily fits into smaller sleeping areas. Some foam mattresses are also memory foam, which can bring added comfort.
  • Gel and foam combinations. Some foam mattresses may be more heat retentive, so gel is incorporated into the mattress to help bring a cooling element into the mix.
  • Air mattresses and combination air mattresses are another popular RV mattress type. Air mattresses are easy to move around and inflate when it’s time to sleep, and the combination air mattresses may use innerspring or foam and an air mattress component.
  • Innerspring mattresses, which are most similar to residential mattress types, are also available for many RVs. These tend to be larger than other RV mattress types, and may not fit into every RV type.

There are also proprietary mattresses from emerging mattress brands and online mattress retailers that may offer additional features such as gel grids or combination designs. Many of these are available in sizes that fit into larger RVs and campers.

Choosing Your RV Mattress

If you’re unsure which mattress type is best for you, visit your local RV dealership accessories store to see the mattress options. You can also visit a mattress store to test these mattress types, just remember that the RV equivalent may be a little different. Consider your existing residential mattress type and your thoughts about that mattress. Is it too firm? Too soft? You can use this as a baseline for choosing your RV mattress, picking the mattress type that should address any problems you have with your current residential mattress.

We make it easy to find your new RV mattress! Lazydays RV customers are eligible for extra savings and install specials on RV mattress purchases. Contact our RV experts to learn more about RV mattresses and to get help choosing the one that’s right for you!