By Lazydays

Don’t let the rain ruin your RV adventure, check out these rainy day RV activities!

RVing is one of the best ways to bond as a family, but what happens when the rain puts a damper on your plans? Though it may be raining, there can still be family fun in the forecast with these rainy day activities that are fun for kids (and grown-up kids) of all ages! So whether you’re hunkered down in the rig or you’re looking to make a mess with outdoor rainy adventures, you’re sure to have a great day no matter how much it rains with these rainy day ideas.

Indoor Rainy Day RV Activities

While the rain can ruin anyone’s day in a traditional tent, rainy days in RVs are a different story. Your camper was built to keep you dry, so a rainy day can still bring tons of fun for the whole family. Sure, the kids can play video games to pass the day away, but we’re RVing here - there’s some serious family fun to be had! If you’d like to enjoy the day as a family, consider these rainy day RV Activities:

  • Build a pillow fort in the RV. Building a pillow fort in the RV is something that parents and kids alike will enjoy. Get creative with your RV’s floorplan and features, such as turning the bunkhouse sleeping area into one section of the fort, while the cab-over-bunk serves as a lookout tower. This is a great rainy day activity that fosters fun and imagination.
  • Have a cooking competition. If the kids are a little older, or if you don’t want to spend the rest of the day cleaning up a pillow fort, this is another great rainy day RV activity. Work in teams or have individual family members cook their favorite dishes and let one lucky family member be the judge.
  • Play some board games. Board games are a classic for bringing the family together. They’re easy to bring along on any road trip, so be sure to keep some in your RV. There are the classics from your childhood that your kids will love to play, and there are also newer board games that can be surprisingly fun and challenging.
  • Try crafts as a family. There are countless crafts the whole family can work on together. Local craft stores sell projects for all ages, and there are also unique crafts that use items that you may have laying around the rig. Choose a craft that the whole family can work on together, such as using a DIY stepping-stone kit to create a concrete stepping stone you can set in front of the RV wherever your travels take you.
  • Turn the RV into a movie theater. This is pretty easy if you have a fifth wheel or motorhome that already has theater seating. Make your favorite popcorn and watch a movie on the TV or use a projector to turn an entire wall of your camper into a screen.
  • Visit local museums. So this does require you to leave the RV, but it’s a great way to explore what’s in the area nearby. Many cities have art and science museums that provide enrichment for everyone. They’re also a great way to spend the rainy day indoors while still getting out of the RV.
These are some great indoor rainy day RV activities that you can enjoy without having to leave the camper. If you’re staying at our Florida RV Resort, you can also visit the RallyCenter for indoor activities like enjoying a meal at Exit 10, our unique RV-themed restaurant with a menu that’s sure to impress.

Outdoor Rainy Day Camping Activities

If you’re up for an RV adventure no matter the weather, a little rain isn’t going to stop you from heading outside. There are some outdoor RVing activities that are even better when it’s raining. Our favorite outdoor rainy day camping activities include:

  • Rainy day hiking. Your favorite hiking trails may look very different in the rain! If your trails are open and they’re safe to walk on, a rainy day hike can be a great activity. Be sure to bring plenty of rain protection, wear the right shoes, and keep an eye on the forecast to make sure the weather is calm enough for a safe hike.
  • Puddle jumping contest. This messy and fun rainy day camping activity is perfect for the kids. Dress them up in their favorite rain boots and let them jump, jump, jump in nearby puddles. Whoever splashes the most, wins!
  • Kayaking in the rain. This is a fully immersive rainy day experience, so prepare to get soaked as you’re enjoying the water! This is usually best for couples as the little ones may not enjoy the weather for as long. Be sure to check the weather forecast, if lightning is in the area then this is not an activity to choose for that rainy day.
  • Tie-dying in the rain. This family fun craft starts like normal tie-dying, but instead of leaving the dye to soak into the items in a bag or covered container, you place your items in the rain as the dye sets in. This can create some funky patterns as the water changes the dye.

Finding Rainy Day Ideas for Your Family

Ready to plan your own rainy day family RV activities? Consider indoor plans that match your family’s favorites, such as crafts for the more creative ones in your family and energy-burning hikes for the more rambunctious kids. You can also explore our RV lifestyle blog for additional ideas, tips, and tricks!