By Lazydays

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. Instead of donning your favorite all-green outfit this year, why not celebrate by going green and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle on the road? Don’t know where to start in adopting a green RV lifestyle? Here are a few simple RV life hacks that will ensure that your motorhome or travel trailer leaves behind a minimal carbon footprint.

1. Recycle

This is straightforward enough, considering that you might already recycle at home. When on the road, you probably bring along beverages packaged in aluminum cans or plastic bottles. Make sure you also bring along a bin for these, and other paper items. If you’re taking a longer trip, take note which of your pit stops has a recycling center or bottle return where you can unload.

2. Keep Campfires to a Minimum

The RV camping experience wouldn’t be complete without a campfire, but to reduce air pollution, don’t keep it burning longer than necessary. You should also avoid throwing items like plastic, Styrofoam and metal into the fire: these materials release toxins into the air when burned.

3. Make Smarter Choices When Choosing a Black Water Tank Treatment

After emptying your RV’s black water tank at your campground’s dumping station, you’ll need to use a holding tank treatment to help break down waste and control odors. Most chemical-based cleaners, however, contain formaldehyde, which is a known water and soil contaminant. Alternatively, enzyme-based cleaners use the good kind of bacteria to help break down particles, and are a safer option if you’re going green.

4. Invest in a Water Filter

Instead of having bottled water handy, consider using your campground’s water outlet, if available. Alternatively, you can utilize a natural water source, like the nearest lake or stream, and use a water filtration system, found at most outdoor stores.

5. Buy from Local Farmers and Vendors

During your road trip, you’ll likely pass by various local produce stands or farmers markets. By picking up your snacks and meal ingredients from these vendors, you’ll not only be supporting small business, but purchasing sustainably produced foods.

Honor St. Patrick’s Day with a Greener Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, eco-living can be achieved while on the road. With these ideas to go green put into practice, you can feel good about your efforts to reduce environmental impact during your travels. Next time you’re at Lazydays RV, be sure to check out our new store, RV Accessories & More, for items that can make green living easier while on the road. Stay tuned to our blog for more RV travel tips!