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Visit our 2021 RV Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for the RVer in your life!

The holidays are here and it’s time to get gifts ready for the celebrations. Whether you’re stacking gifts under the tree, sharing gifts on Chanukah, or mailing gifts to your loved ones this year, there are plenty of exciting RV gift ideas that are perfect for happy campers! Explore our 2021 RV Gift Guide to find the best gifts for RV campers of any age.

RV Gift Ideas for First-Time Campers

There are many RV accessories that are perfect for gifting this holiday season. For first-time campers, the best gifts are accessories that make owning and operating their RV that much easier. Popular gifts include backup cameras, internet systems, and entertainment-focused accessories.

RV Backup Camera

If the RVer in your life owns a used RV, they may not have purchased a rig that includes a backup camera. Many newer RVs come with a backup camera standard, including Class A diesel motorhomes and toy haulers. They can also be installed after purchase for many RVs. Backup cameras make parking an RV much easier and worry-free.

Kitchen Accessories

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of new and used RVs for sale, with many models that feature spacious residential-style kitchens. Still, no matter how large an RV kitchen is, a little space-saving can go a long way. RV kitchen accessories such as nesting cookware and smaller versions of popular appliances are great holiday gifts for RVers.

If the happy camper in your life already has cookware, consider outfitting their kitchen with shatterproof versions of popular items like cups, dishes, and silverware. There are plastic and non-breakable options that can fit in any sized kitchen. RV-focused kitchen accessories are some of the best gifts for RV campers!

Entertainment Equipment

While RVs often include entertainment-focused features, there are additional gifts that can enhance the experience. For first-time RVers, consider giving the gift of an upgraded RV internet solution that can help the owner stream their favorite shows and movies on the go.

Gift Ideas for Longtime RV Owners

Many of the RV gift ideas for first-time campers are also great for owners who have been camping for many seasons. These newest technologies in RVing make operating the RV easier and often enhance other experiences. Some popular gift ideas for RV owners who already know their way around the campground include outdoor equipment and RV updates.

Outdoor Gifts for RVers

RVing is the best way to enjoy time outdoors, and there are many gifts that make this time truly memorable. Consider giving the RVer in your life some outdoor equipment as gifts this holiday season. Simple lawn games can turn the campground into the center of family fun. For larger outdoor-centric RV gift ideas, consider equipment such as paddleboards, ATVs, or bicycles.

Give the Gift of Remodeling

If you’re in search of truly personalized gifts for RV owners, consider giving the gift of RV remodeling. We offer a variety of remodeling services to help any RV feel good as new! No matter what kind of remodeling you choose, this can be one of the most memorable gifts for RV owners.

DIY Gifts for RV Owners

As with any type of holiday gift-giving need, there are also DIY options for creating gifts that will be cherished for many holidays to come. DIY gifts for RV owners are great for grandparents, couples, parents, and kids as well. Some of our favorite DIY gifts for RVers include:

  • Welcome mats
  • Signs or flags to hang outside the RV
  • Fresh-cooked food to share with the RVer
  • Customized dishes and glasses
  • Homemade soap
  • Quilts

These personalized gifts for RV owners can be used year-round and bring a homemade touch to camping.

With so many options for DIY, store-bought, and customized gifts for RV owners, it’s easy to find the perfect gift this holiday season!