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The following is a list of five of the popular destinations in America to enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage. Along with the colorful displays, these locations also have other opportunities for adventures.

Enjoy the Beauty of Autumn’s Colorful Display

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Oct. 1, 2015

1. Charlottesville, VA

In Charlottesville, enjoy lots of oak trees turning brilliant shades of red. Just west of central Virginia, the rural city of Charlottesville is hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is the home of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello’s estate. Several survey companies over the years have recognized Charlottesville as one of America’s best places to live. Along with all the history, the city is also the home of the University of Virginia.

To see the colorful display of foliage, the best dates to go are generally peak between October 15 and 25. Also, amidst the beauty is the one-million-acre George Washington National Forest, which offers RVers both boondocking and full-amenity camping.

2. Peters Valley/Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey

Commonly known as the artisan’s paradise, Peters Valley plays host to many woodworkers, weavers, metal workers and sculptors. Peters Valley is considered one of the best spots in New Jersey to enjoy the intense beauty of Autumn. If you desire to take in the colorful foliage while floating on the Delaware River, canoe rentals are available. At least a full day is necessary to enjoy most of the beauty the area has to offer.

Since peak season comes early in New England, because of the shallow-rooted trees, early October will be the optimum timeframe. The Worthington State forest on the Kittatinny Mountain ridge is a great place to camp in a tent or trailer. Plenty of hunting, fishing and boating is available.

3. Wellsboro, PA

The classic small town of Wellsboro is tucked away in the wilderness of northern Pennsylvania just adjacent to the Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. If you love dining and perusing antiques, the city will have lots to offer. The gorge offers hiking, biking, bird-watching, fishing and horseback riding. When planning, it’s best to include at least two days to take in the antiques and dining and the experiences of the gorge. A great place to stay in your RV or motorhome is the Leonard Harrison State Park.

Mid October is the peak of the colorful fall season to go camping in your RV or luxury motorhome to sea the brilliant beauty of the leaves.
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4. Asheville, NC and Blue Ridge Parkway

The glorious color displays last for about two months as you scale the elevation change between Asheville and the highest point of the Smoky Mountains. Asheville, located in North Carolina’s northwestern portion, offers art, theater, music and plenty of restaurant choices. The charm of the city is alluring to spend several weeks exploring without being able to see everything. Yet, any length of a trip will provide lot of memories.

An explosion of color happens in Asheville around the beginning of October. So, make plans to camp in your RV in the Smoky Mountains and enjoy the scenery while hiking, biking and fishing.

5. Harrisville/Cairo, WV

Tucked in the Appalachian Mountains of northern West Virginia are the little towns of Cairo and Harrisville. In mid to late October, the towns offer spectacular views of the fall foliage. These two little-known travel destinations provide tranquility and West Virginia charm. There are plenty of biking, hiking and quaint shops and home-style restaurants to visit. The North Bend State Park on the outskirts of Harrisville offers provisions for RVs in its River Run and Cokeley campgrounds.

The town of Cairo is filled with festivals during the annual Pioneer Days in mid October. Watch a staged bank robbery, blacksmith demonstrations, apple cider pressing and listen to plenty of bluegrass music. Tourists come from all over the region for these festivities.

Prepare to Create Your Own Adventures

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