Making the Most of Your RV Trip When Time is an Issue

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Not every RV getaway needs to be an extravagant trip to a faraway place. Firing up your RV and cruising somewhere nearby for a weekend away can be just as…

Not every RV getaway needs to be an extravagant trip to a faraway place. Firing up your RV and cruising somewhere nearby for a weekend away can be just as rewarding as a long trip. Use these five simple tips to help you make the most of shorter RV getaways.

See Something New

Seeing something new doesn’t mean you have to travel far and wide. It’s easy to find new sights and sounds at parks and campgrounds that are just minutes or hours from your home. Choose a state park you’ve always wanted to visit or a lake you’ve always wanted to fish and enjoy an affordable getaway in your home on wheels.

Plan Wisely

Planning is the most important step to making the most of your weekend getaway. Make camping reservations at your destination ahead of time, so you’re not surprised by an overly-crowded campground when you arrive.

Maximize Your Days

Whether your goal is to spend time lounging on the beach, hiking in the woods or fishing in a river, making the most of your weekend getaway means squeezing more time out of each day. Start your days early to maximize the amount of time you get to spend in the great outdoors.

Let Go of Expectations

Getaways are full of expectations. It’s easy to imagine a picture-perfect vacation without any flaws before you hit the road, but mishaps always occur. Don’t expect things to go seamlessly, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself making new memories on the road and at your destination. Be careful not to escalate small setbacks (like getting lost on the way) into big problems.

Start Planning the Next One

The hardest part about coming home from a getaway is that you no longer have something to anticipate. Kick the post vacation blues to the curb by planning your next weekend getaway immediately. The more short-term getaways you enjoy throughout the year, the more relaxed you’ll feel when you’re back at work or home.

Let Us Help

Lazydays has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate RV getaway. Whether you’re seeking a more spacious RV for your growing family or are looking for the ultimate RV destination (the Lazydays RV Resort), we’re here to help every step of the way.

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