By Lazydays

Learn more about all of the amazing services available at the Lazydays RV Body Shop!

There’s a reason Lazydays is one of the most trusted names in RV service and repair. In addition to the fact that we offer a wide range of services for all makes and models, our RVIA/RVDA Certified Technicians average more than fourteen years of experience, so you know you’re working with experts. Our RV body shops cover everything from metalwork and collision repair to paint finishing services and roof replacement. Learn more about the many services available at our dealerships:

RV Collision Repair

Accidents happen, and while we hope you’ll never encounter the need for RV collision repair, we’ve got you covered at our locations in Tampa, Tucson and Loveland.

RV Fiberglass & Metalwork

At Lazydays, our service technicians are experts in fiberglass repair and metalwork, including stainless steel and aluminum repair. If there’s damage, we’ll do everything we can do fix it.

RV Door & Window Repair

We offer a full range of services for RV doors, windows and windshields, including replacement, repair, defogging, reset and reseal services.

Part Fabrication

Especially if you’re hoping to repair an older RV model, our part fabrication services can help make sure you can get the parts you need, even if they are discontinued.

RV Paint Repair

If you’re looking for custom paint repair services, visit one of our service locations in Tampa, Tucson, or Loveland, Colorado.

Painting & Decal Repair

In addition to our expert RV paint artisans, we also have some of the most sophisticated paint technology on the market. Our heated, 60-foot, downdraft RV painting booths and paint-matching systems offer flawless and uniform paint jobs every time.

Paint Finishing Services

At Lazydays, we do it all. Along with our painting and decal replacement, Lazydays offers finishing services at select locations, including Diamond Shield® (Tampa), 3M® front-end mask (Tampa and Loveland), and other specialty finishing services for maximum protection.

RV Roof Repair

Lazydays RV offers roof repair and replacement at our locations in Tampa, Tucson and Loveland.

RV Rubber Roof Repair

A rubber roof repair typically involves an RV service technician removing and replacing the rubber membrane, sub-roof and sealant.

Fiberglass Roof Repair

Whereas rubber roof repairs require a replacement of the entire membrane in order to help prevent roof leaks, fiberglass roof repair can be much more localized. The service technician repairs only the damaged section of the RV roof.

Whether you’re looking for collision repair, routine maintenance or specialty repairs, Lazydays RV has you covered. Keep up-to-date on company news, RV tips and tricks, service information and road trip destinations on our RV lifestyle blog and check out our YouTube channel for service tips, RV tours and more!