By Lazydays

This September, the third season of Big Time RV will air on Travel Channel. Find out what makes this show so popular in TrailBlazer Magazine's July issue.

We are excited to announce that the July issue of TrailBlazer Magazine includes a feature on the TV show, Big Time RV, a collaboration between Travel Channel, Half Yard Productions, and Lazydays RV.

According to the article, RV industry sales have increased in recent years, and the show captures the diversity of reasons why people choose to live the RV lifestyle. So why such a fascination with RVs? “From Travel Channel’s perspective, RVs give travelers a unique sense of freedom, adventure, and perspective. RVs give travelers the opportunity to see and experience what America has to offer in a way you can’t necessarily get from other modes of transportation.”

The stories of Lazydays customers are prime for television. Over the years the Lazydays RV dealership has seen people from all walks of life purchase RVs—from families who travel all over the world in a home-on-wheels, to circus performers. People who buy and rent RVs tend to be big dreamers, and ambitious adventurers, so it’s no wonder the show has enjoyed such success.

The series also acts as a great guide through the process of buying an RV from a wealth of perspectives. “Half Yard works with the sales experts and their client databases to determine which stories and customers they choose for the show. Since Lazydays has so many customers and unique stories coming into their locations on a regular basis, there is always a diverse customer base in the market to purchase or rent an RV.” Buying a high-end Class A motorhome, for example, is a weighty decision, and watching others consider the same purchase can ease a lot of concerns potential RVers might have. What’s more, the RV sales experts shown in the series are actual Lazydays RV employees at our Florida, Arizona, and Colorado dealerships.

We can’t wait for Season 3 of Big Time RV on Travel Channel, premiering September 11. In the meantime, you can see clips from previous seasons on the Travel Channel’s website. For more information about the show, be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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