Big Time RV

Big Time RV Show

Big Time RV gave viewers a look at Lazydays RV, the RV Authority. As America’s RV destination, we offer the nation’s top selection of RV Brands. This Travel Channel show took viewers along for the ride of a lifetime as RV lovers toured and tested every make and model of RV available at several of our RV dealership locations.

Big Time RV featured our Tampa RV dealership, our Tucson RV dealership, and our Loveland RV dealership. Our Lazydays RV sales and service experts worked together to satisfy the demands and exceed expectations of RVers who came from all over to see the most over-the-top RVs in the business. Today, we are still providing the best in RV sales and service!

TV Show FAQs

How Was Lazydays Selected to be on This Show?

Because there is no other place in the world like Lazydays! We are America's RV destination! Lazydays RV Tampa is the world's largest RV dealership, known for having the biggest selection of RVs in the nation, as well as a culture for taking great care of our customers. We have many RV experts here!

What is the TV Show About?

It is about real-life RVers and their world-class experience while looking for the perfect RV. Big Time RV focused on the total experience during the RV buying process from the first interaction with our sales partners to the world-class RV service experience as they enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Are the People on the Show Real or Actors?

Big Time RV featured real employees and customers of Lazydays RV!

Can We Meet Them?

Many of our employees that were featured on the show are still working at their respective Lazydays RV locations. However, they are busy working with our customers, as you saw in the TV show. You might get to see them when you visit us!

Is Big Time RV Still on TV?

Though new episodes of Big Time RV are not in production, they may still be available through reruns on Travel Channel or Great American Country. Big Time RV is also available for streaming on Discovery Plus.

Did They Really Buy the RV?

All the customers on Big Time RV are Lazydays customers who are in the RV buying or renting process or who have bought an RV from Lazydays!

Where Was Big Time RV Filmed?

Season 4 of Big Time RV was filmed at Lazydays in Tampa, Tucson, and Loveland.

How Can I Find My Dream RV?

Visit your local Lazydays RV dealership to find the best selection of new and used RVs for sale. We’re happy to help you find your dream RV!