By Lazydays

One of the best parts of football season is tailgating. Find out why it's even better with an RV.

One of the best parts of football season is tailgating. The food, drinks and festivities before the game can be just as fun, if not more fun than the game itself.

If you’ve never been RV tailgating before, hold on to your beer, because your tailgate party experience is about to go from basic to ultimate. Check out these awesome perks of bringing your own RV or renting one for game day.

Top 5 RV Tailgating Perks

A Full RV Kitchen

Instead of cramming a cooler with beer and hot dogs, imagine the spread of tailgate food you could whip up with a full kitchen. Jalapeño poppers, anyone?

Big Screen TV

Whether or not you are heading into the stadium at kickoff, your RV’s TV means you don’t have to miss a second of the action. Select RVs even come with exterior entertainment centers.

A Private Bathroom

The bathroom situation at tailgate parties isn’t great for folks without an RV. Usually, options include a port-a-potty, long lines or holding it until game time. With an RV, you have your own private bathroom to use anytime you need.

Air Conditioning or Heat

RV tailgating means never having to be uncomfortable. Get too hot or too cold outside? Just head on inside to take a break.

Plenty of Storage

When you bring your RV to tailgate, you don’t have to pick and choose what to pack because of space limitations. Go ahead and bring your corn hole game, your outdoor grill or your other RV tailgating accessories.

Enter to Win The Ultimate Tailgating Experience from Lazydays

This fall, Lazydays RV is giving away an ultimate tailgate experience prize package to one lucky Buccaneers fan, one lucky Broncos fan, AND one lucky Gators fan. Follow the links below for more information on how to enter and what you can win.

Once you try RV tailgating, you’ll never throw another tailgate party without one. Stop by your nearest Lazydays RV dealership in Tampa, Florida; Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Loveland, or Longmont, Colorado; or Minneapolis, Minnesota and check out the largest selection of new and pre-owned RVs in the nation.