Experience the Total Solar Eclipse From the Comfort of Your RV Rental from Lazydays

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Everything you need to know about viewing the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the Sun and blocks its light from Earth. Even though the moon is considerably smaller than the Sun, its distance from Earth allows it to block the Sun’s light during a “new moon” phase, when it’s tilted and positioned in exactly the right spot. Eclipses generally occur twice a year, when the two orbits line up just right; however, total solar eclipses are much rarer, as it requires the moon to be positioned close enough to the Earth to block out the Sun completely, leaving only a halo of light around the edges.

Where Can You See the Total Solar Eclipse?

While every U.S. state will see some percentage of the eclipse on August 21, there are several locations across the U.S where viewers will be able to see the eclipse in its totality.

(Image Source: nasa.gov)

This map from NASA shows the path of totality, which includes cities from Salem, Oregon, all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. Some other cities in the path of totality include Casper Wyoming; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Lincoln, Nebraska; Kansas City, Missouri; Carbondale, Illinois; Nashville, Tennessee and Clemson, South Carolina. If you’re near our Northern Colorado dealership, you can even rent an RV and head to the path of totality for optimal viewing.

How Long Does it Last?

While the entire eclipse process lasts about two hours, the longest period of total coverage will last roughly two minutes and 40 seconds, which should be visible in Carbondale, Illinois, pending clear skies. Here’s an example of eclipse times in some of the cities that are directly in the path of totality:

(Image Source: nasa.gov)

How To View the Total Solar Eclipse Safely

Looking directly at the sun can be extremely damaging to your eyes, which is why we recommend some type of filtering device to view the eclipse. Many public libraries in the path of totality are offering free protective eyewear, and you can also purchase protective glasses at many grocery stores and retailers. This helpful graphic describes how to safely view the eclipse using protective eyewear:

(Image Source: nasa.gov)

Although we’re currently sold out in Colorado, if you live near one of our rental locations in Denver or Loveland, Colorado, there’s still time to be there and experience a total solar eclipse in an RV rental from Lazydays. Follow our blog for RV lifestyle news, sales information, RV tips, road trip ideas and much more, and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience a total eclipse.

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