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RVers of all experience levels can agree that one of the more useful skills is figuring out how to maximize the space in your RV.

You can never quite get enough of it when you’re packing for an upcoming trip, transitioning to the full-time RV lifestyle, or getting ready for a weekend tailgate. Everything from clothing to cookware must be considered when organizing and packing your RV. To help RVers solve this age-old dilemma, we’ve prepared a list of a few RV storage tips and tricks to help you save space and get the most out of your next RV experience!

1: Get Clever and Think Outside the Box

As we mentioned in our RV storage hacks blog, creativity is the name of the game. Whether you’re turning the underside of your bed into a closet or mounting a paper plate dispenser on your kitchen sealing, there are tons of ways for RVers to cleverly use the space in their RVs. For those new to the RV lifestyle, organizing your RV is a complete 180 from storing and organizing things in your home. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option of simply throwing something in a closet or cabinet. Shoes, cups, lawn chairs, and everything in between should be carefully stowed.

2: Packing Cubes Aren’t Just for Suitcases

Typically used for getting the most clothing possible into a carryon bag, packing cubes are just as useful in an RV. Especially helpful for smaller models like Class B’s and pop-up campers, these simple travel accessories help you save space and stay organized. Packing cubes can be found just about anywhere online and are typically made of stretchable fabric material and zipper. The size, flexibility, and structure of packing cubes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so RVers have plenty of options to choose from.

More rigid packing cubes are great for travelers looking to stay organized, whether it’s on a long RV trip or if you live the full-time RV lifestyle. For RVers looking to optimize their storage, compression packing cubes reduce the size of the clothing items stored in them, letting you pack a few extra T-shirts. Packing cubes can also be used to store just about anything else from toiletries to cutlery.

3: Follow a “One in, One out” Rule for Everything

A simple, easy to remember trick to avoid cluttering your RV is to follow a “one in, one out” rule for all your accessories, kitchenware, clothing, and just about everything else in your RV. It may sound a bit spartan, but reducing the number of “extra” things you have in your RV will help in the long run. The trickiest part about this rule is clothing. Full-time RVers can be flexible with this rule as it applies to clothing since, it’s unrealistic for most folks to own just one sweater or pair of shoes (hiking boots can be a bit clumsy on the beach). For RVers heading out on a long road trip, try your best to stick to this rule for some items of clothing like down jackets, rain gear or hats.

For other items, this rule can help reduce clutter around your RV. Depending on how many people you are traveling with, carry only what you and your party need.

4: Have A Regular Cleaning/Clear Out Schedule

This tip applies more to full-time RVers but having regular cleaning and clear out schedules can help keep your RV clean and ensure you’re getting the most out of your storage options. On the cleaning side of things, this can be as easy as adding a weekly, 1-hour interior cleaning on your most low-key day to keep things tidy. Besides regularly cleaning your RV, taking a day or two each year to go through your things can help avoid clutter and make the most out of your storage capacity. Take some time to clean out your closet and collect a few things you might not wear anymore. This applies to other items like cookware, lawn chairs, toys, etc. You might even find some things that need an upgrade or replacement too!

5: Add Kitchen Space with a Few Simple Hacks

Out of the entire RV interior, the kitchen is where many RVers could use a bit more room. Whether it’s an extra burner, few more square feet of prep space or an extra drawer, the RV kitchen is one where space is at a premium. Thankfully, there a few nifty tricks to getting the most out of your kitchen space. To start, folding and collapsible cookware can be a lifesaver. Collapsible cups, kettles, bowls, folding plates, and more help reduce storage space and are all reusable products.

To add a few extra square feet of prep space, cover your burners with a cutting board while you fix your ingredients. This quick, easy solution gives you more prep and serving space, which is especially useful for get-togethers and tailgates. Don’t be afraid to reuse items as well. Coffee creamer containers make great vessels for spices, rice, and other foodstuffs. Mason jars can do it all and can be hung, mounted or stored separately.

6: Use All of Your RV While On The Road

An important safety tip for new RVers is to make sure all your loose items are secure and stored before you hit the road. In case you have to make a sudden stop or turn, the last thing you want is for a coffee maker to go flying through the cabin. If you’re crunched for storage space, don’t be afraid to place things in odd places. Your shower, for example, is an empty space that is not being used while on the road. With a few bungee cords and some creative placement, you can store a few more items in the shower while driving.

Other examples include storing bikes, tables, and fold-out chairs in the master suite (if present) if undercarriage space is limited. Make sure to keep them secure, but the space around your bed can be used as extra storage space.

7: For Trailer Owners, Don’t Forget About Your Tow Vehicle

Beyond the added freedom of having a car to run errands and explore with, trailer owners can use their tow vehicle for extra storage. Whether it’s for additional dishes, clothing or supplies, your tow vehicle can be used to help alleviate any space constraints.

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