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Find out which travel trailer brands are your best fit and learn more about the most popular features.

Travel trailers are one of the most popular towable RV types, bringing space, style, and ease of travel for RVing adventures. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of travel trailers for sale from today’s leading manufacturers, but with so many to choose from, some happy campers have a tough time choosing between all of their options. Not to worry, we’re here to help you find your perfect fit!

The best travel trailer brand is one that meets your RVing needs. Each brand and RV for sale features specific amenities that make them a great fit for a variety of travels. Before you visit RV dealers to start browsing, make a list of your travel trailer requirements so you know exactly what features you need. Consider how much space you’ll need, the towing setup you’ll need, your preferred chassis setup, and other qualities that differentiate the brands and travel trailer types. Once you have your list of needs and travel lifestyle plans, you’re ready to start browsing for your perfect brand!

Differences Between Travel Trailer Brands

Visit RVing forums or listen to campground chatter and you’ll likely hear a lot of different opinions on the RV brands and models. Each brand focuses on providing a memorable RVing experience, and many brands have hallmarks of their designs. Some brands may work to incorporate today’s latest styles, some may be technology-heavy, and some may prefer a historic look for their products.

The great thing is, there’s no need to worry about picking the wrong travel trailer when you visit your local Lazydays RV dealership location. We’ve curated an inventory of only the best travel trailer brands and models, making it easy to shop for your dream RV without worry.

Popular Travel Trailer Brands

Some of our most popular travel trailer brands are ones that combine the features today’s RVers are looking for while maintaining trusted quality. Some of the best travel trailer brands are our most popular manufacturers.


When it comes to memorable travel trailers, Airstream brings iconic designs in their towables. Airstreams are famous for their classic shape, polished exteriors, and heirloom-quality construction. There are a variety of travel trailers and touring coaches available, with amenities and features to accommodate many types of travel. The Airstream Basecamp is one of their best travel trailers, featuring panoramic windows and leading styles.


Winnebago is synonymous with RVing, and they offer an impressive lineup of travel trailers with today’s most sought-after features. The Winnebago Hike and Winnebago Minnie are some of our most popular travel trailers by this classic RV manufacturer, each brings lightweight towing and cutting-edge designs.

Forest River

Few manufacturers support the travel trailer space as well as Forest River. They offer an impressive lineup of models and floorplans for travel trailers that are fit for all types of RVing. These spacious travel trailers include large kitchens, ample sleeping space, and entertainment-focused features that make any campsite feel like home. Some of the most popular models include the Forest River Cedar Creek lineup, which includes the spacious Cedar Creek Cottage.


Since 1964, Coachmen has been creating durable motorized and towable units for happy campers. Their travel trailers are some of their most popular designs, with models such as the Coachmen Catalina in continued high demand. The Catalina offers multiple floorplans that feature designs such as dual doors, outdoor kitchens, a spacious front bedroom, and large entertainment areas.


Many first-time RVers in search of quality towables choose Jayco travel trailers. These RVs bring the most popular features and easy towing together into one stylish unit. The Jayco Jay Flight is one of their most popular travel trailers, bringing several floorplans to best meet your travel needs.

Finding the Best Travel Trailers

The best travel trailer is one that matches your specific RVing needs. Perhaps you’re in search of an RV that, above all else, packs superior style. Maybe your dream RV is one that has the latest technology, or the easiest towing capabilities.

We’re here to help you find your perfect fit. We invite you to visit us to find the right travel trailer for your needs. We also offer an RV loan calculator to make financing your dream RV a breeze!