By Lazydays

Have you ever really enjoyed a nice bicycle ride? Maybe you decided to pedal through that luxury RV resort, like the one here at Lazydays, that you have chosen to spend a weekend, winter, or even summer enjouying. The scenery, fresh air, and the sights of nature have taken you mind completely off how far you have ridden.

Then there comes that time – usually it’s just a signal in your mind – that says, ‘I’d better start heading back.’ As you begin to retrace your route to the campsite, a thought crosses your mind. ‘Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize I actually rode so far!’

Perhaps you already know how far the distance you want to travel on your bike. Now you wonder if you’ll make it and enjoy yourself without being totally exhausted.

The ProdecoTech motorized bicycle may be just be the answer to what you need. The eight-speed bike allows you to pedal like a normal bicycle, pedal with the aide of a motor, or travel completely motorized. The 500-amp motor allows you to reach a speed of about 20 mph when in high gear. The Samsung lithium ion battery will stay charged for about 30 miles and even longer if you are pedaling manually.

According to Lazydays parts manager Kurt Beachler, the popular bike in the Lazydays RV Parts & Accessories store in Tampa is the the step-through Stride 500, which comes in black, silver and white. He says most couples have returned and bought a second bike, because their first purchase was for the person with physical limitations to ride, while the other rode a regular bike.

After experiencing the twist of a knob on the handle bar and the powerful boost of acceleration, “usually the reaction is so much fun,” he says. “They want another one.”


While not having to worry about how far you travel, the bike makes it easy to get in a little exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. Its off-road tires allow riding on all types of terrain like sandy park trails with hills and sidewalks without much effort. The bike is made so that many accessories can be added with just a visit to a regular bike shop.

So if you like enjoying the outdoors, the ProdecoTech motorized bike, which is made in Miami, may help getting around a lot easier.

Stop in today at the Lazydays RV Parts & Accessories store in Tampa or Tucson and give the ProdecoTech Stride 500 a test ride. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have instantly!

Source: Joseph Garnett, Jr., RV enthusiast