By Lazydays

If you could design the RV of your dreams, what would it look like?

The RV service experts at Lazydays RV can help make that dream a reality with our RV interior remodeling services. Our skilled craftsmen and service technicians provide a wide range of RV interior remodeling services that include everything from custom-built RV bunk beds to TV and shower conversions. If you have ideas in mind, but are unsure about where to start, here’s a helpful guide to the full range of RV interior remodeling services available from Lazydays RV.

Custom-Built RV Furniture and Cabinetry

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or enjoy a few RV trips throughout the year, you should be able to enjoy all the comforts of home in your RV. Lazydays RV can build custom furniture pieces to enhance your RVs existing storage and livability.

If you’re in need of extra bedroom storage for items like tablets, books, medication, reading glasses or other items, a custom-built nightstand is a great complementary piece. For RVers who work remotely, our skilled craftsmen can construct a custom computer workstation that allows you to be productive wherever you RV. Our team can craft custom cabinetry to improve your RV’s storage and add a touch of style.

RV Flooring Replacement & Repair

Throughout its lifespan, your RV’s floor receives a lot of wear and tear. Mud, dirt, food stains and more can all ravage your floor over the years. Lazydays RV’s interior remodeling services include flooring replacement and repair in a variety of options. Our experienced service technicians can replace various floor types including luxury vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile and laminate floors. We provide flooring replacement services for RVers looking to upgrade or simply switch out their flooring material.

RV Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom & Living Area Remodeling

Looking to convert a queen bed to king bed, or upgrade your TV or existing appliances? Lazydays RV provides a range of RV interior remodeling services for you to choose from. These services are ideal for RVers looking to perform anything from minor to full remodels of their RV interior. The expert RV craftsmen and service technicians at Lazydays RV can help you reconfigure or maximize storage space, give your bathroom a brand-new look, install a new TV and more. Our RV interior remodeling services also extend to repairs across all areas of your RV. Whether it's repairing worn out cabinets or replacing ceiling panels, Lazydays RV can help you transform your RV to the RV of your dreams.

Lazydays interior remodeling services vary by location. Contact Lazydays RV service department today with any questions or to schedule your RV interior remodeling consultation today!