By Lazydays

Our friend Wrigley is back, and he's taking us on a tour of the Lazydays RV dealership in Tampa, Florida! Buckle up!

Welcome to Lazydays! Lazydays is a recreational vehicle dealership with locations in Arizona, Colorado and Florida. My mom calls the Florida location “the Disneyworld of Motorhomes.” After learning more about it, you’ll see why!

Throughout the year Lazydays hosts manufacturer’s rallies, and we’re here for the Tiffin Motorhomes rally. In fact, I was even privileged enough to meet Mr. Bob Tiffin, who took time out of his busy schedule to have a photo shoot with me. My humans attended one of his popular “question and answer” lectures to learn more about Tiffin Motorhomes, especially our model, the Phaeton.

To get a feel of the complex it all starts at the front door with friendly receptionists greeting you, making you feel important and right at home (yes, even us dogs)! There are plenty of knowledgeable personnel and sale reps to answer all your questions, but there’s no sales pressure.

Dogs are welcome here (on leashes) and they even have two doggie parks for us to play in. While there are still some places they say we can’t go, rules have never stopped me before. Plus, I can’t read anyway. Let me borrow this club car and get started on our tour before we get caught!

My first stop is the sales lot, where Lazydays has all of their new and used RV inventory. They have pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class A’s, B’s and C’s set up over 126 beautifully-kept acres of property.

While almost all models are available to tour, even I couldn’t get into a Prevost without an appointment! Dogs are frowned upon going inside the units, but I couldn’t resist the open-door invitation.

My next stop is the Motorhome & Trailer Service Area. Lazydays Tampa has 234 service bays that are staffed with friendly, certified technicians. Each bay has its own purpose, and they are well-equipped with modern computer technology and first-class tools to take on everything from the smallest repair right up to the most complicated. I have to take a second to say hi and shake paws with some of my buddies before continuing the tour!

To give you an example of how fast these rigs move out. When we brought our Tiffin Motorhome in 2013 and traded in our Gulfstream, we were still transferring our possessions when they knocked on the door to ask if we were almost done. They had already sold our trade-in! As our old motorhome drove away for service, my dad realized the license plates were still on it and had to chase it down!

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg on this tour! There are so many amenities, such as two restaurants, two swimming pools and even a Crown Club Clubhouse! Whether you’re looking for or just fantasizing about the motorhome of your dreams, it’s here!

I highly suggest you get the full experience by walking the complex, riding the visitor’s trolley, or going for a spin in a golf cart with a sales person. Speaking of which, I better get this cart back before they miss it!

Well it looks like my motorhome is just about done being washed. Yes, they even have service bays to make you look good before leaving! Looks like we we’ll be heading out soon for our next adventure!

If you can’t make it for a tour, you can browse models online and shop for RV parts and accessories!

Until next time!