Weekend Getaway to the Wisconsin Dells

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My mom’s granddaughter took up my invitation to go away for the weekend. She is 9 years old, school had let out for the summer, and we were headed for the Wisconsin Dells. Now, I love adventure as much as the next dog, but I don’t know anything about the adventures of a 9 year old. I think I can handle it.

Wrigley, a 7-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Describes visiting the Wisconsin Dells

August 28, 2015

My mom’s daughter-in-law took up my invitation to go away for the weekend. She is 9 years old, school had let out for the summer, and we were headed for the Wisconsin Dells.

Now, I love adventure as much as the next dog, but I don’t know anything about the adventures of a 9 year old. I think I can handle it.

After all, I love excitement and I’m very brave - but then why was I shaking? Call it dog’s intuition but something didn’t look normal here.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Dells! Upon entering the town, things were looking very strange to me. I was standing tall and on guard looking out my “window to the world” windshield and this is what I saw: train tracks going up, down, around, but going nowhere. Water was shooting high into the air and people are screaming and laughing too. I don’t understand. On one side of the road is an upside down building and ahead of me is the biggest Trojan horse I have ever seen, staring at me! Let the barking begin! I have to protect my family! Where, oh where is our campground?

Arriving at Sherwood Forest Resort, I was told this is where Robin Hood and his merry men live. Right! Now I’m being told Robin Hood dresses a little funny and carries a bow and arrow. He is a good person in a weird way, because he steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. If this is Robin Hood, I can only imagine what the merry men must look like. I kept a sharp lookout while there, for we were staying 3 nights.

The weather wasn’t ideal while we were there, but it didn’t stop the family from taking in the sights. Some points of interest I was not able to partake in and that was just fine with me. The Wisconsin Dells are known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World.” So you know where at least one day was spent.

The day before we are to leave, my mom's daughter-in-law mentions she would like to ride a duck. I know what a duck is. they live on our river at home, but a human riding a duck? I don’t think so.

Wrigley, a seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel was hesitant about visiting the Wisconsin Dells with a 9-year-old.

Courtesy of Judy Andreotti

A phone call was made and tickets were reserved for five people and a dog. Wait just one minute, I’m riding a duck too? Get the camera out, Mom. This was going to be a barking humdinger!

Good joke on me folks - it was a boat that could travel on roads, because it had wheels and floats when in water. It took us from the parking lot, through the forest, up and down steep hills as we headed for Lake Delton. Then our driver says, “Fast or slow into the water?” Everyone yells fast (including me barking, “oh, yes!”). The next thing I know, the boat hits the water, waves fly high up on both sides of the boat and we are soaked.

The Dells is one crazy fun place you have got to visit. Plan on staying for a long weekend or even a whole week. Reservations are a must during the on season. There is adventure around every corner.

This was a short, but exciting trip with my family that I lived to tell! It’s now over and I’m exhausted. Thank goodness there is time for me to take a nap as we return home.

This is the fourth in a series of short stories by Judy Andreotti told through the eyes of her dog Wrigley, a seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel. If you wish to share your travel stories with photos, please send them to The RV Authority at blog@thervauthority.com. Your story could be featured on Lazydays.com!

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