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Planning a camping trip this year? Be sure to consider this RV campground etiquette from Lazydays RV.

For seasoned RVers, RV campground etiquette can become second nature, which makes it even more frustrating when people don’t follow the spoken and unspoken rules of a shared campground. Before you hit the road, be sure you know how to be a good neighbor to all of the other campers around you.


This might be the most self-explanatory way to practice good campground etiquette, but it’s also the most important. If there are rules posted, be sure to follow them. Many people choose campgrounds based on their posted rules, so if you bring your dog to a dog-free park, you can cause problems for the people who looked ahead to make sure the campground fit their needs.


General campground etiquette dictates that you keep your RV on your side of the hookup for electric and sewer. If you can’t get a clear idea of how to orient your rig on the site, check a map for preferred orientation or take a look at how other people have parked their RVs.


Especially in campgrounds where RVs are parked in close proximity to one another, make sure you take a walk away from camp to smoke cigarettes, so as to not send smoky air into other people’s living spaces. Everyone will thank you for it!


This piece of advice requires a bit of work on your part, but it can mean the difference between a good neighbor and a great one. When you get to a campground, take a look to see how other people are using the space. If people at this campground don’t seem to leave chairs out overnight, for example, follow their lead. If you’re invited into someone’s motorhome and there are shoes stacked by the door, take off your shoes. If someone has engaged their blackout curtains, don’t knock on their door, no matter what time it is. Make it a point to both notice other people’s behavior and adjust yours accordingly so that everyone can enjoy their camping trips.

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Image Source: Go RVing