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Solar power helps RVers enjoy the full freedom that the lifestyle affords. One of the easiest and best solutions for solar power has to be the Go Power! line, with options for portable kits and roof-mounted panels that work for any RV.

Off the grid, but on the griddle!


December 27, 2015

If you’ve been thinking about adding solar power to your RV but aren’t sure it’s worth it, consider the benefits:

  • Anywhere you want to be. It’s safer and more enjoyable to always have full use of your lights, appliances, and heating and cooling systems. Even if you like to rough it out in the woods, you can’t deny the convenience and usefulness of having power when you’re away from the grid.
  • Peace and quiet. Generators are noisy. Go Power! and other solar kits let you enjoy your outdoors time in peace.
  • Dollars and sense. You can plug Go Power! systems right into your existing battery and power supply, so the savings start adding up immediately.
  • The green thing to do. Doesn’t it make sense to choose eco-friendly power when you’re roaming the country enjoying the outdoors?

    What Makes Go Power! Unique?

    Go Power! products are designed specifically for RVs. They are easy to setup, expandable if you decide you need more power, and the lineup includes a variety of solutions to suit everybody:
  • Portable kits: Zero installation — just charge the panels and plug in.
  • Solar Flex: Thin, durable panels that adhere right to the roof.
  • Overlander: Boosts your main battery to provide a strong, reliable backup.
  • Weekender SW: Simple and fast setup with enough power for weekend warriors.
  • Solar Elite: Intended for weeklong trips.
  • Solar Extreme: Dedicated power source and backup for full-time RVers. We love finding new RV products that make it even easier to enjoy your time on (or off) the road. Check out Go Power! products today, and feel free to follow our blog for more RV news and tips—just click one of the blue “Subscribe” buttons at the top or bottom of the page!

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