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How Much can you fit in your motorhome?

Rewritten by Joseph Garnett, Jr. - From the Archives

June 8, 2015

So, you’ve decided to hit the road this summer in your RV. Perhaps you’ll visit some national parks along the East Coast, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or tour the Pacific coastline. Regardless of whether you have a pop-up camper or a luxury Class A diesel motor home, organizing your space wisely can help you enjoy the RV lifestyle. Here are two essential tips that will add a lot of functionality to your trip.

Save time and accomplish more with a junk drawer in your motor home.

Slash the time you spend on simple maintenance and repair chores with a well-planned “junk drawer.” The key is to replace the usual odds and ends with an assortment of useful tools and supplies.

Consider including the following items:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • small tack hammer
  • regular and needle-nosed pliers
  • adjustable crescent wrench
  • cellophane and duct tape
  • an assortment of batteries (primarily AA and AAA)
  • replacement batteries for smoke and LP gas detectors
  • small flashlight
  • razor blade or box cutter
  • multi-tool pocket knife
  • knife sharpening stone
  • extension cord
  • measuring tape
  • Super Glue®
  • WD-40®

Add other multi-purpose tools and your own go-to favorites to supplement this list.

When you can quickly grab the items you need—rather than having to search through cabinets, outside compartments or toolboxes – you’ll surprise yourself with how easily your “junk drawer” enables you to handle quick fixes. Most of the items mentioned above can be found in your local hardware store, or you can visit the Lazydays parts department for these items and friendly advice from out experts.

Stackable bowls for packing
Stackable containers allows for more room in storage.
Lazydays photo.

Use your galley space to its fullest potential.

When provisioning the galley of your RV, you can find valuable additional storage space by measuring the interior dimensions of your cabinets and buying plastic containers that will fit them like a jigsaw puzzle, top-to-bottom and side-to-side. This is especially helpful for overhead cabinets, where space is often under-utilized. Start by spreading out all the items you will be loading and group them by category, such as cans, dry bulk (rice, beans, pasta, cereal) and snacks; then fill each container snugly with similar items. Finally, label each container on the front-facing side and arrange them in your cabinets. Items inside the containers will not shift or spill when driving, and you’ll have easy access to items at the back of your cabinets by simply sliding out the corresponding container. What methods have you found effective in keeping yourself organized on the road? Let Lazydays know by dropping us a comment or even visiting one of our locations in Tampa or Tucson.

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