By Lazydays

To experience the thrill of novel destinations, make RV travel a part of your resolutions for 2016.

By Lazydays

January 5, 2016

With a new year come new adventures. Adventures, though, are not meant to be experienced at home. To experience the thrill of novel destinations, make RV travel a part of your resolutions for 2016. Surely, you can squeeze in at least one if not two RV vacations. You owe it to yourself this year to take in the sights and smells of some of the most renowned and talked about US travel destinations. If you’re at a loss for ideas, then worry not; here is a US travel guide outlining the country’s top pit stops for avid RVers.

1. Salmon River, From Stanley, Idaho, to Darby, Montana

You haven’t seen Mother Nature at its finest until you’ve traveled along Salmon River, Idaho’s largest natural stream of running water. Throughout the 184-mile trek, your eyes will be absolutely mesmerized by the desert canyons and old mining town settlements.

2. Overseas Highway, Florida

The coastlines of Florida are among the most stunning visual treats. Take Route 1 from Key Largo to Key West. There is a 7-mile bridge that offers an amazing view of the turquoise sea. This route also has a Hollywood significance; the 1995 action film “True Lies” contains a car and helicopter chase scene that was filmed along this route.

3. Dinosaur Diamond Pacific Highway, Utah and Colorado

This highway that runs through Utah and Colorado didn’t get its name by coincidence. This is the site of many archaeological excavations where some of the world’s earliest thunder lizards were unearthed. With the red-rock canyons and cottonwood-lined rivers, your eyes will naturally veer towards the picturesque scenery.

4. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

Take Route 112 that runs for 34.5 miles along New Hampshire. It’s best if you plan this trip for the fall since the foliage during that season is just surreal. The Kancamagus Highway is listed among the top travel destinations in USA by the American Scenic Byway.

5. Million Dollar Highway, New Mexico and Colorado

The Million Dollar Highway was formerly a gold mining town, hence its name. This section of Highway 55 runs along some of the most breathtaking scenes nature has to offer. The highway rests about two miles above sea level, thus offering a bird’s eye view of the magnificent terrain that lies below.

6. Highway 2, Nebraska

If you’re traveling along the Midwest, then plot your journey so it includes a road trip along Nebraska’s Highway 2. The 200+ mile road will take you along Lincoln to Nebraska City. That’s plenty of traveling accompanied by awesome views of expansive farmland, wetlands, marshes, and winding rivers.

7. Napa Valley, California

If your RV travel ideas and considerations include California, then make Napa Valley part of the travel route. This area has long been regarded as the state’s wine capital. When you see the vast stretches of vineyards and wineries that dot the Silverado Trail, you’ll quickly see why.

8. Route 6, Massachusetts

Route 6 that runs along Cape Cod provides a charming 117-mile road where your eyes will be treated to views of tidal ponds, lush forests, and saltbox homes constructed from the colonial period. When you hit the coastline, you’ll also get an awe-inspiring view of the beaches and towering sand dunes.

9. The Loneliest Road, Nevada

Route 50 that runs along Nevada got its name because the area makes up a hauntingly barren and uninhabited landscape. There are, however, plenty of pleasant sights to behold, such as mountain ranges covered in dense juniper and pine forests, not to mention the historical Pony Express route.

10. Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee and North Carolina

So far, all the destinations listed are famous for their marvelous sights. Tail of the Dragon, though, is famous for something entirely different. Its scenery in all honesty is just so-so. As such, it’s an unlikely entry in the list of top US travel ideas. This area only encompasses about 11 miles of road, but is infamously known for its extremely sharp curves, thus making it a popular destination for dare devils who wish to put their driving ability to the ultimate test. Believe it or not, there are even RVers who partake on this challenge.

The USA Is Awaiting Your Eyes to Take Hold of Its Visual Glory

Hopefully this RV travel guide provides some food for thought as you plan your next journey across this great country. Of course, before planning an extensive trip, you should be sure to have your vehicle serviced by Lazydays’ RV service center. Don’t let a road trip be blemished by a preventable mechanical breakdown. Also consider a trade-in if you feel your next trip should be from a new and more reliable RV.

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