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Project includes new trailers, horse event sponsorships and specialized sales staff

By Rich Mullins - Tucker/Hall

December 23, 2015

Lazydays, the RV Authority and world’s largest RV dealership, is launching a company-wide initiative that focuses on the equestrian market and the community of customers who live, work and play in the world of horses and horse competitions.

Going beyond Lazydays’ extensive legacy in RVs for vacationing, this new project includes a major sponsorship of equestrian events, a team of equestrian-focused sales and service staff, plus a broad new lineup of horse trailers, such “Living Quarters” trailers that accommodate both horses and people while they’re on the road. This December 28th, Lazydays will have some of the market’s most luxurious Living Quarters trailers on display at a major horse competition at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

“We see huge opportunity to provide a new generation of horse trailers to a community of customers often overlooked by other RV dealers,” said Lazydays General Manager Ron Fleming. “Often, equestrian families travel for weeks or months at a time to compete at shows for horse jumping, dressage and other events. We want to be their partner and help them succeed.”

For instance, Lazydays is reaching out to equestrian experts such as Caroline Rider of Ocala, Fla., who runs Rider Horsemanship, a nationally known horse training and rider coaching operation.

Lazydays is reaching into the equestrian community of Ocala, Fl and other states to accomodate horse owners and those who like to travel with big toys.

“Ocala is one of the world’s leading equestrian locations,” said Rider, who often manages a dozen horses, including her two main training horses Sundance and Smoky. “The New England area is a large audience for me, and I’d love to have an RV to travel with me and my horses. Instead of staying at a hotel somewhere, I could live two months a year, right near where my horses are staying.”

Since its founding in 1976, Lazydays has grown to become the world’s leading RV dealer. The Tampa campus already offers more than 1,400 RVs on site, with the nation’s top selection of RV brands. The RV service center, also the nation’s largest, is adding staff and equipment to customize and service horse trailers and RVs.

Florida has several national hubs of equestrian activity, Rider said, meaning a largely untapped market sits in the backyard of Lazydays in Tampa. Besides Ocala, Florida is home to the major horse-breeding, training and racing markets.

“For me, I promote unity with your horses, and the behavior and psychology, as well as the performance,” Rider said. “So it’s key to have a good, safe and comfortable way to transport your horses. There’s an extensive equestrian community across the country that cares deeply for their horses. There are breeders, clinicians, trainers, racers and those who travel throughout the year to horse shows and want to stay with their horses, and they’re willing to invest in the equipment they need.”

More than just new products, Lazydays is launching a broader equestrian initiative company-wide that includes:

  • A major sponsorship of the Florida State Fairgrounds, with Lazydays staff and trailers on site for dozens of equestrian events each year.
  • A specialized team of sales and service staff who focus on the equestrian market and who know the special features required by horse owners and riders. For instance, English and Western-style horses are different sizes – requiring different needs on the road.
  • Offering the full lineup of Featherlite trailers, complete with the widest selection of trailers for equestrian, livestock and racing lifestyles.
  • New outreach to Florida communities rich in horse culture and heritage, including Tampa, Ocala, Wellington, Naples, Sarasota and Miami.

Lazydays is now selling a complete line of Featherlite products to help owners of the equestrian community fulfill their dreams.

“We have an enormous variety in our lineup, and this is all about filling the needs of all kinds of customers,” said Featherlite National Sales Manager Justin Queensland. “That could be just a place to carry a horse, or a luxury living quarters trailer for someone who is running a rodeo series and they live for eight months a year on the road.”

The front half of the Featherlite “Villa” luxury horse trailer, for example, is built out as a luxury living home for horse owners, with maple cabinetry, copper sinks and Western “Concho” style lighting.

For horses in the back, there is a large tack area with electric saddle rack, LED lighting and extra-durable spray-on floor lining. In all, there’s room for four horses, or three horses and a golf cart.

To reach more equestrian customers, Lazydays is sponsoring events across the Florida State Fairgrounds.

“We have scores of shows and competitions each year, many of which draw a thousand or more riders for regional and national competitions,” said Jim Coones, director of the equestrian complex at the Florida State Fairgrounds. “Support from Lazydays helps us stage successful shows and helps match up horse owners with the equipment they need, when they need it.”

Lazydays will have some of the most luxurious Featherlite Living Quarters trailers on display amid the December 28-31 “Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit” event at the Florida Fairgrounds, an event that’s likely to attract 1,150 or more riders.

“For many people, RVs and trailers such as these are part of their daily life, and horses really become part of the family,” Fleming said. “We’re thrilled with the response we’ve already received from the equestrian community. Seeking out new markets like these is a major goal of Lazydays, and this is another example of how Lazydays is leading the RV industry.”


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