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Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook in the RV kitchen, there are several supplies that are extremely necessary for helping to take the stress out of preparing meals.

Taking the Stress out of the Kitchen

Rewritten by Joseph Garnett, Jr. - From the Archives

October 5, 2015

Here are a few tips from the Cooking with a Convection-microwave Oven course that is taught at the Lazydays Tampa location. Having these utensils in your kitchen will help make your entire camping experience more enjoyable.

A good chef utility knife is important to every good chef. The utility knife is necessary to mince, slice and chop anything needed for a meal. A good size knife to have is between six to eight inches. That size knife will do the job for most cutting chores. Most importantly, learn to hold the knife properly to prevent cutting yourself.

A wooden cutting board will last a long time and is favored by most chefs. Some other boards that work well are made from bamboo and plastic. A good size cutting board to have is about nine to ten inches.

When it comes to mixing batter for cakes, or beating eggs, the common teardrop-style whisk is preferred by chefs. The whisk allows you to emulsify vinaigrettes and blend sauces with a strong continuous motion. Dry ingredients can also be mixed easily with the whisk.

An eight to nine-inch chef's cutting knife helps preparing meals easier inside your luxury RV or motorhome kitchen.

Peeling vegetables and fruits is so much more efficient with a vegetable peeler. Chefs prefer the y-shaped, harp-style peeler for potatoes, apples and other round fruits. The peeler takes away the skin and leave behind the tasty flesh of the fruit or vegetable.

Ensure that you are working with the proper amounts of ingredients by using one of the most necessary utensils in the kitchen, a measuring cup. Most bakers rely on measuring cups for consistently adding flour, shortening and sugar. One tip most chefs suggest is sliding a spatula across the top to level solids inside the cup. Most liquid measuring cups have scale markings that will help you keep track of the correct amount of added liquid.

For more tips to help preparing meals in your luxury RV or motorhome kitchen, please visit our Cooking with a Convection Microwave Oven at our Lazydays Tampa location.

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