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Learn the Rules Before Entering!

Whether you’re a Canadian or American citizen and planning to drive your Lazydays RV or motorhome across the Canadian – United States border, it is extremely important that you learn the rules. You will need to follow the entry restrictions and requirements from both countries when traveling.

    • If you are taking your favorite four-legged friend, be certain that you have your pet’s health papers from the veterinarian showing the animal’s breed, description and proof of vaccination shots, especially rabies.
    • Most importantly, you must have proper forms of identification. Either an international passport or equivalent travel document showing your country and citizenship is necessary.
    • Only 1.5 liters of wine and 1.1 liters of beer are allowed at the border crossing. Some RVers have found that if they have too many of any restricted item as they get near the border, they rent a storage unit and retrieve their items once they return.
When cross the U. S. - Canadian border in  your RV or motorhome, it is important to declare any weapon.
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  • Meats, fruits, vegetables, plants and animal products also have restrictions. Take note that some items are not allowed because members of the Canadian agricultural department feel they may pose a threat to the Canadian agriculture or livestock.
  • If you have a weapon, it must be declared. Certain types are permitted, such as hunting rifles. Handguns are restricted. Other weapons, like switchblade knives and replica firearms are strictly prohibited in Canada. Any weapon that is not declared at the border will be seized and the owner may face charges.
  • Just like in some states in the U.S., radar detectors are not allowed in Canada, so leave yours at home.

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