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October 4th Recognized as National Golf Day!

By Joseph Garnett, Jr.

October 4, 2015

It can be a peaceful game, with intense concentration. It’s a game of angles and obstacles matched against individual skillsets. It’s also a game where many deals are made.

Many golfers work on their game and only dream as being as good as professionals. There are many RV golf resorts around the country to on which to practice.
Innisbrook Copperhead Course
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According to Wikipedia, the origins of golf are unclear. However, most people have grown to accept that the game was invented in Scotland around the Middle Ages. Today October 4, 2015 is known as National Golf Day on some of the many calendars published these days. Although, it is not a federally-sanctioned holiday, millions of people around the world love the game. From the professional to the first-time amateur, one can always find a course with at least someone challenging themselves with the game.

If you are an avid RVer or live full-time in your luxury mobile home and love the game of golf, then here is a list of places for you. According to, the following are some of the best RV Golf Resort in the United States. Perhaps, it’s even worth planning your own RV or motorhome tour of these places.

Desert Canyon Golf Resort and RV Park, in Orondo, WA

  • Shallow Creek Golf and RV Resort, Gladewater TX
  • ViewPoint RV & Golf Resort, Mesa, AZ
  • Emerald Desert Golf & RV Resort, Palm Desert, CA
  • Deer Creek RV and Golf Resort, Davenport, FL
  • Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, AL
  • The Links of North Dakota, Williston, ND

Perhaps, if you should find yourself spending the winter months at the Lazydays Tampa Resort, there are several courses nearby to work on improving your game. Innisbrook Resort, which plays host to the Valspar Championship on the PGA tour opens its world-famous Copperhead Course in December after improvements to make it more challenging. The course is located in Palm Harbor, FL. If you would like to learn of other courses near the Lazydays Tampa location, please check the concierge desk when you arrive at the resort.

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