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Owning an RV is a big decision for most people, especially finding the right one to fit your needs and comfort. Often, with most luxury RV and motorhome owners, they grow to love the amenities their home-on-wheels affords them.

Upgrading Your RV with New Features

By Joseph Garnett, Jr.

October 6, 2015

But, overtime and after creating many new memories from adventures far and near, the owners feel their RVs need a face lift.

Sometimes, it’s more than a facelift. Some owners feel the interior space is not sufficient or suits their needs anymore. The charm from when it was first driven off the lot is now gone. Instead of purchasing a new vehicle, many owners opt to have part or the entire interior renovated.

Lazydays’ remodeling foreman Sean Farr says the phrase he hears the most from customers is “we love our coach, except…” More than often there are requests for more TVs, a spot for a residential refrigerator and that they want the floor a different color and/or done in a different material.

At the Lazydays Tampa location, scheduling time to meet with an expert in the service area may be the best way to understand the many options that are available for your particular motorhome. In what is affectionately called ‘the cabinet shop’, a renovations team expert can guide you through the process and discuss the changes you have in mind.

“Our goal is to match the style of the coach and the way it feels while creating a comfortable living situation for the customer,” says Farr. “Producing high-quality upgrades is what we pride ourselves on achieving for each customer. We only use solid wood when we make new items.”

When planning for a renovation or transition, the experts always look at the coach to see if the modifications are right for the model of RV. “Sometimes, we have to let the owners know that the changes they want to make are not suitable for the RV or motorhome,” Farr says. Often the experts will suggest alternatives for the owners.

So, if you are looking to revitalize your RV’s interior appearance with a new flat screen, bigger shower, more storage space and other options, consider visiting ‘the cabinet shop’ at our Lazydays Tampa location. They can make your RV feel brand new.

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