By Lazydays

You’ll be seeing clearly with these facts and tips on how to prevent foggy RV windows.

RVing is your key to exploring the world and seeing incredible sights, but foggy RV windows might be getting in the way of those views. It happens to the most seasoned RVers, over time their windows might become foggy. Though today’s new RVs for sale often include systems to help prevent this phenomenon, sometimes it still happens if the conditions are just right. So, what’s a happy camper to do? Learn more about foggy RV windows and how to easily fix them.

What Causes Foggy RV Windows?

There are several different factors that can contribute to foggy RV windows. This includes breakage in the seal around the double pane window, excessive sun exposure, and high humidity. Double-pane RV windows are the type most susceptible to fogging. A variety of RV window sizes may fog over time, often due to the different conditions inside the RV when compared to the environment outside. Whenever moisture is trapped inside the RV without a way out, it can result in fogging over time.

If you’re RVing in a hot and humid area, the windows outside the RV might expand slightly due to the weather. On the inside window of your double-pane window, things may be contracting because of the cooler air. The difference between the inside and outside windows may combine between the two, resulting in condensation accumulating. This is also known as “sweating” and in single-pane windows, it’s easy to wipe away. But for double-pane RV windows, it can lead to fogging over time.

Other situations, like rattling your RV over uneven roads or harsh driving conditions can also put the window seal at risk, resulting in fogging over time. Luckily, RV windshields are usually in the clear when it comes to fog, due to their location and structure.

How to Prevent Foggy RV Windows

Typically, fog and condensation are not problems that happen quickly in an RV. Instead, they happen slowly as you allow moisture to build up in your rig. When cooking, using the shower, or using the fireplace, make sure to give moisture a way to exit the RV, such as through a vent or one opened window. This helps prevent the interior moisture buildup that often contributes to fog. We offer a variety of new and used RVs for sale with features that can help prevent foggy windows.

How to Fix Foggy RV Windows

You may think that fog means it’s time to replace your RV windows, but there are additional options. We offer expert foggy RV window repair services to remove any fog or condensation trapped between your RV windows. If left ignored, fog can build up and water droplets can cause etching on your RV glass, so it’s important to schedule your repair appointment quickly. You’ll be seeing clearly in no time! Contact us today to schedule your RV window repair appointment.