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Here are some of the best cookout and party favors that will help with your next tailgating plans. Your guests will love your next tailgating party!

Enhance Your Tailgating Experience with Easy-to-make dishes

Rewritten by Joseph Garnett, Jr. - From the Archives

October 14, 2015

As the middle of football season approaches, the one thing that unites all fans is tailgating. Although team colors, fight songs, face paint and costumes may define each fan, the one thing they all have in common is tailgating and the food! Here are some of the best cookout and party favors that will help with your next tailgating plans. Your guests will love your next tailgating party!

1. Hamburgers

Historically, hamburgers are the most popular dish at any tailgating party. They are easy to prepare and handle. Burgers are endlessly customizable. So, you can try different seasonings, buns, cheeses, and meats. You can’t go wrong.

2. Wings

Wings are probably the premiere stereotype sports-servings. The number one reason is that they’re simply delicious. There is nothing like smothering wings in your favorite sauce. When you choose from mild to spicy, the wings will become the staple of the tailgating experience.

3. The Best Dogs

Whether you decide to serve hot dogs, corn dogs or covered in sauerkraut, there is really no going wrong. So, when you decide on pigs in blankets, serving it in any form will be a great compliment while tailgating.

4. Dips

Chips and dips are easy favorites. Choosing the dip can be a fun process. Often, it’s just best to have a variety for your guests to choose. For example, some tasty sides are salsa, beans, queso and guacamole.

5. Chili on a Cold Day

AS the mercury in the thermometer drops and the forecast is rainy and overcast, a warm cup or bowl of chili will help warm you up before the game begins. So, don’t cancel your tailgating party, put some chili on the menu.

6. Popping and kicking with Jalapeno

Put some kick in your tailgating party with some cheese and jalapeno poppers. No matter if it is wrapped in bacon and grilled or deep-fried, jalapeno poppers will give your party experience a real kick.

8. Corn

Corn makes for a great side dish or appetizer. Best of all, any corn dish is easy to make and serve.

9. Kebabs

Your guests will enjoy the various flavors in one easy to serve package. Just place layers of meats and vegetables on a skewer, toss it on the grill and then prepare to enjoy with your guests.

10. Leave an Impression with Ribs and Steak

If you want your tailgating guests to keep talking about your party spread long after the football season ends, break out the ribs and steaks. To help provide a lasting memory, try preparing your own BBQ or steak sauce ahead of time. Come see us at Lazydays RV

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