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If you are going to be on the road during the holidays, there is absolutely no reasons why you can’t bring the festivities and season spirit with you. Decorating your motorhome or RV can be lots of fun and more exciting than a regular home. So, if you are at an RV park, relatives’ home, or motoring on Christmas Day, let your creativity guide you through a lot of decorating fun.

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December 13, 2015

Once you reach your destination, reindeer faces mounted on the rear-view mirrors makes for an attractive accent to your luxury motorhome.

Stringing Up the Lights!

Christmas lights are a great choice. A well-placed string of lights, especially on your motorhome or RV will look better than any building. Follow the angles and curves along the exterior walls of your RV’s body and you can create an incredible light show.

Wreaths Can Go a Long Way.

Simply put, when wreaths are attached to a motorhome that’s headed cross-county. They are simple, but and easy and elegant way to enhance your decorations for Christmas. So, give yourself a project that everyone will see as tasteful and beautiful. You can find most of the materials you’ll need in hobby store. Often, the naked wreath is already put together. With some glue, ribbon and anything that inspires you, your wreath will be an elegant match to rest of your RV’s decoration. It can be placed in a window or right above the door.

Adding lights and decorations to your RV allows you to travel with the Crhistmas cheer.

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Securing a Christmas tree inside your RV or motorhome may take some ingenuity, but it can be done. A tree gives your home-on-wheels warmth and tradition. Try using a fake tree inside the motorhome because you may find it easier to stabilize. A smaller-sized live tree can work just as well, but may be more difficult to find. Gather items from the places you’ve travelled over the years and see if they would work nicely as ornaments on your tree. This will help give your tree more symbolic meaning. If you don’t have any, then start collecting this year for next year’s tree.

The windshield of your luxury motorhome can be used as a Christmas setting with gifts, tree and nativity set after reaching your destination.

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