Buying Seasonal Produce

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Buying your produce from a local famer’s market is perhaps one of the best ways you can help your community and the ones you visit in your RV or luxury motorhome flourish. Local farmers can produce tasty and fresh products you love for future customers.

Enjoying a Taste of Your RV Destinations

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October 26, 2015

Often, the best produce at farmers’ markets isn’t always easy to find in the country. With fruits and vegetables being seasonal, picking produce that has spoiled a bit will take a lot of the enjoyment out of cooking a good meal. Here are some simple steps to help you find great products at the next market when you’re shopping.

1. Avoid Peak Times

Either choose to go late or early. By going late or early, you tend to avoid large crowds. Usually, in the mornings, the best produce will be available and will likely get chosen first. However, when you go late, you have the chance to negotiate with the farmers and are more likely to get a great deal as the famers are trying to sell all of their produce for the day. Also, by going late, it affords you the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the farmers and get advice buy and for your own small home garden.

2 Try to Learn About the Marketplace and Produce Before You Go

As most farmers know, fruits and vegetables have a better taste at different times during the year. Apples are better in late summer and fall months and avocados and blueberries are better in the mid summer. Broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage do better in the winter. Meanwhile, some vegetables like carrots and greens are good all year.

3 Plan to Pay with Cash and Carry Reusable Bags

When you plan to pay with cash, often the purchasing process goes much easier for you and the farmers. Often cash is the only form of payment many individual sellers are prepared to receive. So, take along plenty of cash and bag to help you bring home your new edibles.

Dining and Shopping in Your Motorhome

With each destination you reach while driving your luxury RV or motorhome, tasting some of the freshest fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to get to learn about the places you travel. Please log online or visit our Lazydays Tampa or Tucson locations to see the great deals we have for you on both new and pre-owned RVs and motorhomes just in time for fall harvesting season.

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