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Greetings to my Lazydays RV fellow motorhomers! I have some exciting news to share with you all in this article. My bucket list wish has come true, all the garage sales are done, and our home has sold!

Wrigley and Family Become Full-timers

By Judy Andreotti

October 23, 2015

There is a chill in the air, animals are getting ready for the winter, and trees are now changing their dress of color. There has already been frost on the pumpkin and the white stuff will be coming down soon in Wisconsin, so we must bid adieu. I feel like the song from “Paint Your Wagon” called “I Was Born Under a Wandering Star,” for the road is now calling me.

Wrigley and his family now call their 2010 Tiffin Phaeton their full-time home.
Courtesy of Judy Andreotti

Some friends we know think we are crazy and don’t understand the whys of having a motorhome. They ask questions like, “how can you be gone so long?” “What do you do all the time to keep busy?” and “How can you stand the feeling of confinement?”

Here is where I would like to give you a glimpse of my beautiful “wheelhouse” that we will be traveling in. It is a 2010 36’ diesel Tiffin Phaeton with 4 slides outs. It can go anywhere and pull anything with ease (such as our car). The outside is my dad’s department and he loads up the crucial things we need to travel with, like tools, chairs, and grill, into all the basement storage compartments, and he hasn’t run out of room (yet).

Wrigley stands on the porch of his home awaiting the retrun of the

Courtesy of Judy Andreotti

As to the interior of my home, that is my mom’s department. It is big, modern and spacious and holds all the comforts of any home plus more! We have plenty of room for my bed, my toys, my food, and even for guests who stay with us on occasions. There is a place for everything and everything in its place is how my mom likes it!

Here is a smart thought I have to share from a dog’s brain: when motorhoming you learn to downsize and realize that humans and dogs have way too much stuff that clutters up their lives. The sense of freedom and being unburdened has taken over all our previous worries about making this big jump.

Becoming full-timers started out as a dream, but with plenty of planning, being flexible, and patience while waiting for your home to sell it does come true. Starting next week we will be full-time wheelhouse travelers, on the road with all kinds of new adventures and I’m going to take you along with me.

Our first stop will be in Illinois to see my family and close friends and then I’ll ask Missy (our GPS) to set her sights for Natchez Trace Pkwy that will take us south. With the help from Lazydays RV to find the right home for us, and the support of friends and family, we are finally on our way!

This is the seventh in a series of artles written by Judy Andreotti and told through the eyes of her seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel Wrigley.

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