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While the drive is part of the fun when traveling in your RV, sometimes a game is just the thing to pass the time. Although your Class A, Class B, Class C, or fifth-wheel may have lots of amenities, electronics may run out of juice, but your imagination never does. So, it’s a great idea to have some old-fashioned distractions on hand when you’re out on the road to make the time pass easier. Consider these five cheerful games for those times you’re hearing “are we there yet?” way too often.

Helping You Pass the Time While Traveling

By Monica Surfaro Spigelman

I Spy

I Spy has always been the all-time winner that begins with someone selecting an object – either something in the car, or an item outside that everyone can see for a few minutes. (Things whizzing by at 65 mph are off limits.) The leader would then announce, “I spy with my little eye something that begins with…” and then give the first letter of the word. Others are then asked to guess the answer. This game keeps everyone alert inside the vehicle and is great for identifying landmarks.

It’s a Mad, Mad World: Mad Libs™

If you like making up silly stories, this timeless game allows for lots of imagination. It lets you get goofy with friends by filling in the blanks with nouns, verbs, and adjective. What started out as a party game about a half century ago is still a zany favorite for all ages that’s great for rides in any vehicle. Classic Mad Libs paper pads can be found in most bookstores. If you are feeling creative, you can make your own zany pads or download some themes from various websites.

Playing-Card Decks

Old Maid and Go Fish are always popular choices when using a playing card deck with your youngsters. Older travels may enjoy many of the hundreds of of classic and traditional card games. A 52-pack of cards can transport you to worlds of fantasy and learning. The game of war is fun amongst teens.

Road Trip Bingo

Now you can download a variety of free cards online for the classic travelling game that engages everyone. Resuing the cards is simple by laminating them. Using washable markers makes them easier to clean up between games and when you are finished. If you’re the arts-and-crafts type, you can make your own. Simply, print BINGO across the top of a blank sheet of paper and create a five-column grid below the letters. Write the names of items you see along the road (makes and/or colors of cars, RVs, state license plates, trees, signs, etc.).

Journey Journal

Finally, for the real crafts enthusiasts creating your own travel journal with some planning could be lots of fun. Before you leave, download maps and and various of photographs, charts, and headlines from magazines. Some notebooks, markers, and glue sticks for all will be helpful. In this game, everyone gets to draw images or make notes along the map route. Once you have reached various destinations along your trip, ask everyone to doodle crazy captions about the place. Keep your toll receipts and admission tickets to complete your collage. Try these games when you are on your next trip in your new Lazydays purchase. If you have other games, please share them with us so you can help other gain more enjoyment from their RV travels.

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