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Know your limitations and to realize when you have reached your threshold for driving in one day

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October 16, 2015

Although most RVers appreciate the quality of the journey when traveling to a destination, sometimes they will admit that they just want to get where they are going on time. Ultimately, driving more miles each day to reach their destination for a specific reason.

While wanting to get someplace by a specific time, it is best to know your limitations and to realize when you have reached your threshold for driving in one day. While understanding your limitations, there are ways to travel the extra miles during a day without endangering yourself or other drivers.

1. Start with a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a good night’s rest and eating something filling with carbs for energy will help your attention span. By heading out at first light, you can have better visibility with daylight driving. Also, with the early starts, there are fewer vehicles on the road. Starting early is especially important in major cities to avoid rush hour.

2. Switching Drivers

Most times, when you are in an RV, you are not alone. If you are with another driver who knows how to drive the RV, it’s best to schedule driving shifts during the day. Breaks will ensure that you maximize the driving time and each driver gets an opportunity to rest.

3. Make Time for Breaks

Stopping completely at a rest area to get out and stretch a bit may be best for you. Breaks can help you stay alert and focus on your driving. Road hypnosis will cause you to lose concentration. Perhaps, considering the following question may help you plan your drive. Would you enjoy one long drive without stops or go farther with segmented breaks.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Stop

Always stop when your mind and body says so. It’s not wise to push past exhaustion. Perhaps, how you view driving will help you. It’s best to treat it as a daily occurrence that happens over several days. Pacing yourself. Pushing to go too far the first day may cause fatigue and could shorten the distance you drive on subsequent segments. If you listen to your body and stop when it’s time and rest while keeping your mind occupied, it will amaze you how the miles disappear behind you.

5. Staying Entertained

Listening to good music from a mobile device instead of a local station ensures that you will always have upbeat music to help you stay in a good mood and focused. Often, you can’t find a station that will suit your liking. Audio books are good if they are engaging. Boredom is the enemy to being aware and focused.

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