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Keeping the Airflow Cool During the Summertime

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July 29, 2015

It’s summer, which means RVers everywhere are trying to tame the gods of heat and humidity with the divine invention of air conditioning. Here are a few tips to keep your towable RVs and motorhomes’ A/C system in shape through the sweltering summer months.

How an Air Conditioner Works: The Simple Explanation

An air conditioner essentially sucks air through its intake and extracts heat from it by running the air through an evaporator. The cold air that remains is distributed through the vents and cools the interior of your coach. The most important aspect of a well-running A/C system is airflow. Maintaining proper airflow in you RV’s air conditioning system is crucial to ensure that your unit runs as it should.


Keeping your interior filters clean is a great first step toward maintaining airflow. You can replace your filters when they get dirty, or you can clean your filters and save the expense of buying new ones.

To clean filters inside your luxury RV or motorhome, remove the filter, wash it with water, shake out the debris and reinstall it. A clean filter allows air to flow.

Roof Units

Your outside unit can accumulate dust, dirt and leaves that can inhibit airflow. It’s always a good idea to keep the unit clean so air can flow through it properly.

To clean your roof unit, you must first remove its housing. Then take a hose and wash the condensing unit by running water over the coils. The coils will dry naturally when you restart you’re A/C unit. There is no need to use a spray nozzle or attack the coils with any kind of pressurized water, since this can potentially collapse the fins and reduce airflow. If you happen to collapse your unit’s fins, you can buy a fin comb at most auto parts retailers and use the comb to brush the fins back to their proper place.

Rooftop A/C units on your towable RVs or motorhomes may collect dirt and leaves during your travels.
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Know When to Call a Pro

You got into the RVing lifestyle to have fun, not to deal with the intricacies of malfunctioning air condition systems. (Leave that to the service experts at Lazydays.) While it’s great to have a do-it-yourself attitude with your RV, understand that the inner workings of you’re A/C system are complicated and best repaired by a certified RV technician. Remember that airflow is the most important aspect of a well-running A/C system are complicated and best repaired by a certified RV expert. Remember that airflow is the most important aspect of a well-running A/C system. If your towable RV or motorhome is still uncomfortably warm after you’ve performed the tasks we’ve discussed in this article, call our professional RV service center and have your system check out by a qualified technician. For any further questions, visit or Lazydays Tampa or Tucson location or log online and make a reservation.

Have fun and stay cool!

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