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The kids are asleep. The fire’s still crackling. It’s time for a nice glass of wine before you tuck yourself into your comfy towable RV or diesel motorhome bed for the night.

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July 30, 2015

The durable GSI Outdoors nesting wine glass helps make your campsite evenings more relaxing.
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But, when you open the RV cupboard door in your luxury kitchen, out tumbles your crystal stemware glasses from your wood-grained cabinets, shattering in a million pieces on your RV’s floor.

Nobody wants that. But nobody wants to drink a fine pinot from a red plastic cup, either.

Enter the GSI Outdoors nesting wine glass. This BPA-free, co-polyester marvel mimics a quality wine glass, without the danger of glass shards spreading across the motorhome floor or anywhere else likely to see little bare feet.

The stem of the glass unscrews, and then “nests” neatly and securely inside the body of the glass for storage and transport. It’s lightweight, and goes anywhere including a backpack.

The glasses have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of just $7.50 per unit. The GSI website has a local dealer finder feature, as well as a “buy now” button that will link you to online retailers who carry the glasses.

Now, all you need to do is find that perfect camping merlot.

If you are looking for other durable drinking glasses and utensils, you can also visit the parts department at our Lazydays Tampa or Tucson locations or log online to see what’s available to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

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